, Research Paper& # 8220 ; Technology: Friend or Foe & # 8221 ; ?As we approach the new millenium, it has become obvious that more than of all time before, we need engineering. And yet every new engineering places new demands upon us making new signifiers of defeat and emphasis.

We can non populate with it, but we can non populate without it. If we fail to conform ourselves, will we stay the nescient victims of the computing machine age? Will we go its slave? This is the focal point of this paper.We have learned from our readings that the Luddites learned about the engineering that was being abused in their clip. They worked on the cotton gin machines and were skilled technicians. They understood that it was non the power of a utile machine they were contending but the power of those who mismanaged it. The same can be said for the direction of computing machine engineering. There is non doubt that computing machine engineering has become cardinal to the operation of planetary multinationals, fiscal markets, security surveillance, and every bit good as mundane life.

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There is small we can make with a computing machine interface device that will continue our individuality. Governments moving as a planetary constabulary force protecting us from ourselves can easy supervise the electronic trail of bids and minutess.Possibly the Luddites could see further into the hereafter than anyone suspected. With respects to the ruin of engineering and the function it would play on people & # 8217 ; s lives, as they became dependent upon engineering for endurance. Let & # 8217 ; s take for illustration the immense technological quandary of the fast coming 21st century ; the issuesenvironing Y2K.

It has been feared that people & # 8217 ; s lives will be wholly devastated, as the engineering they have grown to depend on will all of a sudden neglect them on January 1, 2000. It is thought by many that all of the engineering that we have come to depend upon for endurance will discontinue to work successfully. The autos which wedepend on for travel, the java we depend on to get down our twenty-four hours, the electronically controlled furnaces we depend on for heat, and the lifts we depend on to convey us to work will all of a sudden neglect us all together. Even the traffic visible radiations will go helter-skelter as the computing machines that control them will be tricked into believing it is January 1, 1900. Even the great originator computing machine coders of our clip could non believe of anything more than a band-aid solution to the transit job. It appears that the Transportation Department of the City of Calgary will work out their traffic visible radiation quandary by flim-flaming the computing machine system that controls the traffic visible radiations into believing it is January 1, 1972.

Obviously this band-aid solution will non work out all jobs, as this will still be a job for the following coevals of transit coders. It appears as the New Millenium fast attacks we need to return to an age that does non depend on engineering for endurance. Peoples are concerned that since no engineering is dependable plenty to last the Y2K quandary that we will hold to return to the ways of our ascendants for endurance during this clip of technological uncertainness. Heaven forbid if we could non acquire a fresh loaf of staff of life from our technologically advanced breadmakers.Information engineering is a valuable extension of our power of perceptual experience and logical thinking, but when we rely on it entirely it has a debilitating consequence.

When we were foremost confronted with this new engineering it absorbed all of our human resources in order to larn and accommodate to the magnitude of this new engineering. Many of us overextend ourselves and go obsessional leting computing machines to devour all of our attending ; hence, losing our position of world and intent. If this remains the lasting attitude ensuing in the overextension of our ain resources, which this engineering was meant to function, so we have become the retainers of this engineering.