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I agree and disagree with this statement. Technology has become really of import in our society late, and more people are acquiring involved with it, detecting new engineering, and presenting it into society. The large inquiry is whether or non society is ready for all the new techonological promotions. In some instances, the reply is yes. I am rather certain that people can manage Television, computing machines and wirelesss reasonably good. However, some engineering would be manner excessively advanced for us, such as a mind-reading room, possibly? I think with the right cognition and experience, single people can manage any new engineering that is introduced to them. Peoples in big Numberss tend to panic, and non cover with new things really good. It is my sentiment that as a crowd of people grows larger, the corporate intelligence of the crowd grows smaller. If advanced engineering is introduced all of a sudden to a big figure of people, so it will non work. If you introduce it easy, it might work better.

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Some tehnology has helped us in many ways, such as: microscopes, electricity, and computing machines. Other engineering has both helped and hindered us, such as the telecasting and the auto. Some engineering has non helped at all, such as an electric fork or the electric auto, the latter being excessively expensive for any normal individual to run.

Television is a large thing presents, and it has rotted the heads of kids and grownups likewise. However, it has a

lso improved communicating, and if viewed in little clip slots, it has enhanced some people? s intelligence. Some parents may sit their kids in forepart of the telecasting for hours while they go away someplace to imbibe, etc. I don? t think this helps their kids? s intelligence, and it finally distances the kids from the parents. For illustration, if you have kids, and a telecasting, what do you believe would go on if you removed the Television from the house? The reply is simple: your childs would detest you for it. This is because they have grown accustomed to holding the Television at that place as a distraction, or as amusement. However, if you had ne’er owned a Television, would your childs miss it?

I think that, to a certain extent, technological promotion is a really good thing, because it can heighten and enrich our lives, but when it starts to take over the simple things in life and makes everything instant and electronic, engineering can be bad. In the short narrative? The Veldt? , the writer describes the? Happy Life Home? , which is wholly automated and electronic, designed to make everything for it? s residents. If such a house existed today, we would hold a really deadening life. In one line of the narrative, one of the characters said, ? ? you mean I will hold to bind my ain places? ? ! ! ? This is what may go on to the universe if we let engineering take over our lives. We will go dependent on machines. However, if we use the engineering reasonably, so it will do our lives better.