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A major alteration that has occurred in our universe is the development of engineering. Technology has been invented to turn to society?s jobs and to carry through its turning desire for velocity and convenience. We “interact” with engineerings on a day-to-day footing. However. engineering is non ever the Panacea it seems to be. because it carries a batch of jobs with it.

Whereas in the past. engineering was a comparatively rare ocurrence. in recent times it has become platitude. Technology has changed our lives everlastingly. A good illustration are nomadic phones. What do many people do ( above all. adolescents who are ever the most compliant ) first thing in the forenoon? They wake up with their nomadic phones’ dismay. and so they check their messages. Other illustrations are internet ( although we already have it on the phone. most of the times ) . digital television. digital cameras…Everything seems to be digital. We are in the digital epoch. the analogical epoch is past. we will happen it merely in museums.

An of import issue is the effects of the maltreatment of engineering. We still do non cognize the existent effects of this. but we do cognize about the coming of new dependences. compulsions. isolation and depression among others. Is people happier today than in the yesteryear? . In general. I would state so. nevertheless we are so full of things that at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. our life runs so rapidly. that we do non halt to believe about the felicity in our lives. It is like we are ne’er happy plenty. we merely want to hold more and more and more of whatever is the new appliance in the market.

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And what about military engineering? . The progress of engineering have encouraged the development of new arms easy and to a lesser cost. Besides cyberspace has facilitated illegal trading. buccaneering and other illegal activities which cause a batch of money and a batch of lives. Furthermore. many states spend more money in arms than they do in instruction. And non merely that. engineering has besides snatched away the artlessness from kids in many troubled states where they are trained to manage guns and machines since childhood. What for? … We can happen here one of the chief jobs with engineering. Technology becomes a really unsafe arm in itself if it is non used sagely or decently.

Other of import issue is the taint and exhaustion of the planet due to the usage and sometimes maltreatment of engineering. For illustration. many people change their nomadic phone every few months to the new nomadic phone in the market. In our current society we tend non believe about the risky waste and about the long-run effects of our actions. we merely look at the short-run net incomes.

Finally. it is deserving indicating out that. whilst it may look engineering is the scoundrel in the movie. it is non truly so. Technology has helped and facilitated our lives in many ways. For illustration. we can link with our friends and people in the other side of the universe. Weather anticipations are more accurate every clip. and this helps forestall calamities all over the universe. Medical developments such as the usage of optical maser. As a consequence. our criterions of life are much better than in the yesteryear.