Teddy Roosvelt Vs. Harry Truman Essay, Research PaperHistory has offered a assortment of presidents to the United States. Some were strong combatants and generals, some were unagitated and peaceable, and others were known for their personality and wisdom. Two such presidents were Theodore Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. Although there lies several differences in their Presidencies they had the same footing of personality. Their leading was compelled by a passion for humor and energy, which shaped their Presidencies? s.

This brave manner of commanding the Presidency was non easy and did non hold a result as great for Truman as it did for Roosevelt. Their unconventional attitude, methods and personality, wholly reshaped the presidential term and left a permanent feeling on it? s people.Truman and Roosevelt were both frailty presidents when something tragic overcame the President. Truman became President after Franklin D.

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Roosevelt on April 12, 1945 ( Hamby 149 ) . Roosevelt was placed in office in 1901 wining William Mckinley? s tryst ( Oates 111 ) . Both of these presidents had to confront the adversities of holding to transport out person else plans. One of the few things that separated these work forces was that Roosevelt and Truman came from two different political parties. Truman was a Democrat and Roosevelt was a Republican ( Bernstein 237 ; Oates,111 ) .

When Truman ran for a 2nd term? Republicans? roundTruman to a mush? ? ( Rose 49 ) , but it was non the same for Roosevelt. Thetwo parties in Roosevelt? s re-election were non as harsh and were really friendly towards one another ( Oates 116 ) .One of the biggest issues in the Roosevelt? s and Truman? s presidential term was their control over Congress. Roosevelt had a really strong relationship with Congress ( MorrisMoore 214 ) . It is thought that Roosevelt? s? influence over Congress as greater than that ofKaiser Wilhelm II over the Reichstag? ( Morris 14 ) .

Truman, on the other manus, had a really difficult clip when covering with Congress. Truman tried to transport out the policies Franklin D. Roosevelt had laid out but Congress refused to back up him ; hence, he had to drop the programs ( Hamby 362 ) .Truman and Roosevelt had really similar ways of managing the presidential term. Truman & # 8217 ; s taking stating was? Give & # 8216 ; Em Hell? ( Hamby 540 ) , while Roosevelt preferred a West African adage stating of: ? Speak quietly and transport a large stick, you will travel far? ( ? The Turning Point? ) . Each of these expressions portrayed their attitudes about their policies and acquiring what the people wanted. That gave each of them a great trade of support from the citizens ( Hamby 540 ; Bernstein 233 ) .

Covering with emphasis is an of import portion of being president. Truman and Roosevelt each had a great sum to cover with. Truman, nevertheless, was non as resourceful in managing emphasis as Roosevelt was. Truman had several mistakes when it came to emphasize. He became? leery of those around him, was capable of vengefulness, and seethed with unfocussed ill will, ? due to the big sum of force per unit area put upon him ( Hamby 485 ) . Truman had a tendancy to dispute with the imperativeness.

? His annoyance with them border on obsessional? ( Hamby 485 ) . Roosevelt, on the other manus, showed no mark of emphasis or strain through his presidential term ( Bernstein 233 ) .The energy which these two work forces contained was truly what shaped their presidential term.

Roosevelt? s astonishing? presence? is supposably why everyone loved him ( Oates 114 ) . After run intoing President Roosevelt, people come out of the office, ? ? flushed, short-breathed, energized? ? , which shows how powerful his presence truly was ( Oates 114 ) . He was really compared to Niagara falls by John Morley because? ? both are great admirations of nature? and because they were both so powerful.

This energy which engulfed all things around him made many people believe that he thought quicker, ate more, and enjoyed more so any other homoMoore 3( Oates 113 ) . He was besides highly intelligent with an abundant vocabulary. He was acquainted with about every subject that could be thought of ( Morris 19 ) . In fact he was so mentally and physically all-around that he could be thought of as two great work forces combined ( Oates 113 ) .

Truman besides had a great strength. ? ? Reporters were honestly horrified at Harry Truman? s endless sunniness and energy? ( ? Mowing? Em Down? ) . Truman worked really difficult and put much attempt in to the presidential term ( Bernstein 214 ) . He was a adult male of? determinations, honestness and uncommon bluntness? ( Bernstein,212 ) . But even his energy pickets in comparing to Roosevelt? s.Each of these Presidents besides brought a new manner with them to the presidential term. Truman brought a homely Missouri male child expression ( ? Mowing? Em Down? ) .

Theodore Roosevelt brought a cowpuncher manner to the presidential term. He would frequently take runing trips, owned a cattle spread, and was portion of the? Rough Riders? ( Morris 292 ) . The people liked the rougher, friendly manner becausethey could associate to it easy, which gave both the Presidents a great start with the citizens.The presidents faced was racism and spiritual subjugation. Roosevelt was against racism and faced heavy unfavorable judgment for it.

He started out by naming a Judaic cabinet member ( Morris 14 ) . After seeking to incorporate San Fransico schools, he was thought to be unsafe ( Morris 12 ) . He was besides the first president to entertain a black adult male in the White House. The imperativeness was really disquieted about this, and allow it be known that they were displeased with the president to the populace. Truman was a self-proclaimed racialist. Truman was highly huffy about being questioned by a black adult male. Truman did advance civil rights, but that was chiefly merely in order warrant the African American population? s ballot for his 2nd term.

In private he was besides know to utilize racial slurs in mention to African Americans ( Hamby 365 ) .Truman and Roosevelt besides had different in personality. Truman had a really difficult clip swearing those around him.

He tended to be really rough and vindictive. Truman hadMoore 4jobs with choler, which made it highly difficult to be around him ( Hamby 485 ) . Contrary to Truman, Roosevelt was really unfastened and highly easy to acquire along with. It was said that Roosevelt was: ? ? hotheaded to the point of discourtesy, displayed a gradualness and a tactfulness that merely a genuinely great adult male can command? ( Morris 19 ) . These thrilling features made Roosevelt really sympathetic and gregarious. Roosevelt besides had a manner of doing people around him laugh, many even laughed till they cried.

This added to his personality made it easier for people to believe of Roosevelt more as a individual than a President, which gave him more support ( Morris 18 ) . ? His invective was highly amusive and he had had a most extraordinary vocabulary & # 8230 ; ne’er in our lives have we laughed every bit frequently as when Theodore Roosevelt of those yearss was our host? ( Morris 554 ) .One of the biggest similarities between Harry Truman and Roosevelt was that they both loved being President, which helped do them both really successful. ? Truman loved being president and the people loved him for loving it? ( Hamby 482 ) .

Their enthusiasm toward the presidential term made them it easier for the people to be more aroused approximately them as the president. Theodore Roosevelt loved everything down to the paperwork and was quoted stating: ? I love being president? ( Morris 17 ) . Truman felt that, ? I wasn? t the greatest president, but I had a good clip seeking to be one, I can state you that? ( Bernstein 214 )Ethical motives and values have ever been a top precedence for presidents and both Roosevelt and Truman prided themselves upon them. Truman was highly proud of his honestness ( Hamby 363 ) . Roosevelt was proud that he put the peoples demands above all else ( Mr.

Citizen 42 ) . Roosevelt and Truman besides stuck with very traditional ethical motives, which the people respected and appreciated ( Morris 364 ; Bernstein 212 ) .Although both presidents were really good respected and extremely liked, it is easy toTell that one wins favor over the other.

Due to some defects in Truman? s behavior it was hard at times for him to be wholly affable, but Theodore Roosevelt kept his friendlyMoore 5entreaty invariably. Many think Theodore is unreplaceable ; there will ne’er be anyone like him of all time once more, particularly non president ( Oates 114 ) .It is unmistakable that Roosevelt and Truman left and feeling on American society utilizing their planner personality, attitudes and methods. Their cheerful personalities and beaming energy will be a fable for many old ages.

The leading they presented was unusually different from merely by the manner they presented themselves, which made the people of American keep them in high respects. Therefore Roosevelt and Truman personable liquors will ever be something Americans will look for their presidential campaigners Ts have, although to happen anyone every bit important as Truman or Roosevelt will be highly hard.Bernstein, Barton J. , and Matusow, Allen J.. The Truman Administration: A documental History.

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