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Adolescent Abortion Essay, Research Paper

Adolescent abortion by Yvette R. Harris ; Society August 1997

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For adolescents confronting abortion, it is a psychological, societal, and philosophical

quandary that must be encountered. After the Roe v Wade instance in which the tribunal

decided that a adult female should hold the right to take, limited abortion rights

were granted to bush leagues. As a consequence, legion provinces enacted assorted signifiers of

parental presentment and consent Torahs. In most provinces, the jurisprudence requires that

parents of adolescents provide written blessing of the minor & # 8217 ; s determination to

end her gestation, or that they be notified by a doctor. An on traveling

argument has continued sing the presentment of parents on abortion. Many

psychologists believe that parental presentment can hold a durable impact

on the adolescent & # 8217 ; s physical and psychological well being, determination devising

capableness, and household relationships. Oppositions believe that such presentment

Torahs are unneeded because a important part of adolescents confide in

their parents about gestation and would seek their advice on gestation options

and options. Therefore, parents are already involved in supplying

emotional and psychological support and helping her in the determination devising

procedure. Besides, a little per centum of teens are populating in opprobrious and unstable

state of affairss at place and the Torahs would do them to detain seeking expiration of

their gestation because of the fright of the parental reaction. On the other

side, those who believe that parents should be notified argue that if parents

are notified, they will be at that place to supply support in covering with the

psychological impact of abortion. They besides argue that adolescents are non

experienced at doing determinations for themselves and hence will non do the

determination that is best for themselves and for their household. Information must be

obtained on the psychological effects of abortion on teenage female parents before any

federal jurisprudence goes into being on adolescent abortions.

Committee approves measure necessitating misss to advise parents before an abortion by

Mark Silva ; Tribune News Service April 1999

Statisticss show that in the United States abortion is committed by many teenage

female parents. A measure was passed necessitating a teenage miss to advise her parents

before holding an abortion. The job the measure faces is that there is a

Privacy Amendment in the Constitution that loosely protects adult females & # 8217 ; s rights to

choose abortion. Patrons of the measure argue the fact that in any other surgical

process, other than an exigency, physicians are required to advise the parents

before they do surgery. However, in many economically and instruction deprived

subdivisions of the US, many adolescents are populating in potentially violent families-

or a male parent who might even be responsible for his girl & # 8217 ; s gestation. In a

instance like that, the male parent may be so angered about a girl & # 8217 ; s determination to hold

an abortion he may physically and sexually assail the adolescent and therefore

psychologically damaging the adolescent for life.

For some teens, abortion as a agency of get bying can go a stressor-Anne


By many teens, abortion is used as a header mechanism for striplings who are

non ready for parentage. However, abortion for some teens can be the really

thing that causes emphasis. Over 20 per centum of teens who have an abortion have

posttraumatic responses, including depression. This is because a adolescent who

becomes pregnant will organize a strong fond regard to the foetus. This causes many

jobs because it causes a grief reaction that is hard to get the better of.

Adolescents who were traumatized by their abortion experience frequently say they felt

forced to hold an abortion and that the experience was enormously filled with

emotion. The posttraumatic response to an abortion is non dissimilar to any

other traumatic event like a auto accident or the informant of a decease. The

adolescent will hold flashbacks of feelings of fond regard to the kid and frequently

return to the topographic point of the abortion, and even deny that the abortion even took

topographic point. In many instances, some striplings will fall back to drugs and intoxicant to

get away the flashbacks and be able to kip. Besides, many of the adolescents who do

have an abortion many times come back pregnant once more and have another abortion.

Many misss fear penalty from g-d and the negative reaction to abortion may

non be met with much comfort.

My Chemical reactions and Feelingss

The subject of Teenage Abortion is really controversial and there are many inquiries

environing the moral and legal facets of it. Although I will be showing my

thoughts and emotions on both sides, I will wish to foremost give you my position on it.

I believe that abortion is incorrect. In merely some instances, that I will acquire into

subsequently, I believe that abortion is all right.

Adolescent Abortion

In this article, the argument is whether or non parents should be notified in the

instance that a adolescent wants to hold an abortion. I believe that in many instances

advising the parents of their girl & # 8217 ; s abortion is pointless. My idea is

that if a adolescent is holding sex before she

is married and non utilizing protection

that there is a deficiency of communicating between the girl and parents. There

is evidently non a good relationship between the adolescent and her parents

because if there was the parents would speak to her about the hazards of holding sex

and what can go on if she does hold unprotected sex. If that is non happening

between a parent and kid so they are non good parents. In the statement that

the adolescent should hold to state the parents because she will have good and

enlightening advice, support, and understanding I think is non true because if

the parents were like that from the beginning and offered that sort of love, the

adolescent would hold no demand to travel out and look for some other kind of forced

love ( sex ) . I besides believe that presentment of parents before an abortion is

unneeded because in some opprobrious households, something every bit little as a broken

home base can take to mistreat by the parents and hence something like a teenage

gestation would absolutely destroy the life of the teenage miss and set her ain life

in danger. Since I believe that abortion is non right, I still think that

parents should be notified. This is because parents have been there for the

adolescent her whole life. In add-on, have made many of import determinations and

forfeits for her and will most likely do whatever is best for her, whether it

agencies to hold an abortion or to maintain the kid and assist her rise him/her.

Committee approves measure necessitating misss to advise parents before an abortion

As I read this article what stood out the most for me was the state of affairs in which

a male parent rapped his girl and accordingly got her pregnant. As I am a

believe in pro-life and that gestations should non be aborted, this is one of

the lone state of affairss that I believe it is acceptable. If a girl was to state

her male parent that she wanted to acquire an abortion and she was raped by him,

evidently he would go opprobrious. Therefore, I do non believe that in certain

state of affairss it should non be a jurisprudence to inform parents of an abortion. In the

state of affairss that I think abortion should non be done is when a miss has sex and

she volitionally accepts it. I feel this manner because when you have sex, you

accept everything that comes with it. That includes conveying a new life into

this universe. Therefore, no 1 has the right to take the life of the pre Born

kid. Many times adolescents make errors that they subsequently regret. Even though

many of them are non every bit utmost as acquiring pregnant, they still have to cover

with the effects of the error and learn to cover with them. They can non

travel back and alter what they did because it is impossible to make so and the lone

manner to cover with their error is it accept it. Adolescent gestation can non be

escaped through abortion because there are many long-run psychological affects.

A adolescent female parent must take attention of the kid that they conceived with the aid of

the male parent and raise it into the best household and environment that they can. If

they do non make that, they are cowards who can non accept duty and

should be convicted of manslaughter-they knowingly hurt the life of an inexperienced person


For some teens, abortion as a agency of get bying can go a stressor by Anne


This article reiterates my ideas about how abortion is a incorrect thing to make,

non merely for the unborn kid but besides for the effects of the female parent. When a

adolescent becomes pregnant, she is of course bonded to her kid no affair what she

programs on making with him/her. As a consequence, abortion is a really traumatic event

that can hold long permanent effects on them. The effects can be as terrible

depression and an inability to get by with the outside universe. Because of these

effects, she can go highly violent and be risky to herself and others

around her. As I read this article, I was shocked to read about the adolescent

who had an abortion and was so greatly hurt by it she returned on her abortion

anniversary and attempted to put the clinic on fire. She was put on the lining the lives

on many guiltless people for a ground that could hold been prevented. In order

to keep the fond regard to he fetus, the kid should hold been born and non

been aborted. The fond regard is something natural that I think occurs between a

female parent and foetus and is at that place for a ground, so that the female parent can take good

attention of the kid when he/she is born. It is non natural for the female parent to hold

the gestation aborted because otherwise she would non experience a connexion to the

foetus. I besides think that abortion is incorrect because in this article is explains

how many of the female parents who go through an abortion have troubles get the better ofing

it. Many adolescents have immoral sexual relationships which put their lives in

danger because of STDs and the hazard of going pregnant once more. If such things

can happen with adolescent abortions, should non teen abortion be banned? At least

until farther research is done to better analyse the psychological effects of

abortion on adolescents, I think that adolescent abortion should be banned and merely

permitted in certain state of affairss such as colza and incest.