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Adolescent Pop Sensationstrue Talent Essay, Research Paper

Tina Scherzer

Adolescent Pop Sensations:

True Talent or Just Pretty Faces?

You can t walk into a supermarket these yearss without

seeing a small miss portraying Britney Spears or have oning a

Christina Aguilera tee shirt. Everywhere you look you can see

brainwashed dad esthesis living deads. It makes one think, what

precisely are the young person of today idolizing? Have we truly

dropped the criterions of endowment for no more than a pretty face?

The first thing we need to inquire ourselves is who are these dads

stars and where did they come from? My resources have informed

me that these so called instrumentalists are the consequence of mutated Barbie

dolls bred in a close mill in Florida. Brought up with no

moral character, they strive on sex entreaty and insecure

striplings. The few encephalon cells that really cleaving onto the

cobwebs in their encephalons, have long been exterminated by the high

doses of bleach that have seeped through their scalps. Their faces

are spackled with inordinate make-up and their organic structures are ill

dressed with obscene fabrics since birth. Obsessional agents pull

the teens into their cult with one mission: to brainwash the kids

of the universe. These choice teens have been chosen to make full your

kids head with tricky vocals, full of subliminal messages. How

else can you explicate the attractive force to vocals whose lyrists should

be shot?

It s reasonably sad when person can croon out music a Canis familiaris could

out sing, and still be rich and celebrated. As for the dance moves, good

who couldn Ts dance after old ages of being robotically trained? These

walking Wonderbra s act as if they care about their fans, when

truly they are express joying in their faces. Of class concert tickets are

merely a million dollars a piece, for amusement that can t even be

performed unrecorded, because of deficiency of endowment. The snazzy dance moves

are a screen for the vocalizing that is mouthed, yet we ll ne’er really


What sort of feeling are we giving our kids when

their function theoretical accounts are selling their

organic structures for celebrity? These vocalists

might every bit good be called the cocottes of the music industry. These

vocalists are unhappily raising our kids, make fulling their caputs with

nil but middle tops and sex entreaty. And all our kids want

to be merely like them. But hey, who cares, they re all rich and

beautiful right? Why don T we merely throw our kids into the

Pop Cult cavity? Then we ll be living deads excessively.

In our studios today we are lucky plenty to hold the Bubble

Gum Princess herself, Britney Spears. She will be replying some

inquiries from adoring fans, concerned parents, and the inquisitve

media. Please welcome Britney Spears!

Tina Bruno walters: Hello Britney, how are you today?

Britney Spears: Hi, y all. I d be all right if you could acquire a nice shock absorber for my small butt.

T.W: Ha, hour angle. Can person acquire Ms. Spears a shock absorber for her small butt? Britney, what do you believe about your increasing popularity in the past few old ages?

B.S: Well, foremost of all I d like to thank all my fans, ( the small terrors ) for coming out and passing all their money on & # 8230 ; I mean back uping me.

T.W: What do you hold to state about critics who claim you can t sing?

B.S: Damn it, I can sing, I can. My mama and agants tell me so mundane.

T.W: Then why do you ne’er sing live?

B.S: Duh, cause it will destroy my calling.

T.W: Who tells you that?

B.W: My agant says singing unrecorded will strive my beautiful voice.

T.W: Ok. Well, Britney, many concerned parents are inquiring why you insist on executing half naked at all your shows?

B.S: Well how else am I supposed to sell records dummy? & # 8230 ; I mean, uh, it gets truly hot up at that place.

T.W: What message do you experience you are giving the young person of America?

B.S: Equally long as you re immature, beautiful and scraggy, you can acquire whatever you want.

T.W: Your agents claim that you try to keep a virginal image. Make you?

B.S: I m supposed to be a virgin! Ha, hour angle, who would believe that?

T.W: Excuse me, oh. Unfortunately we are traveling to hold to interrupt to a commercial. Britney Spear s agents are demanding that we take her off the air. Up following & # 8230 ; . is there truly excessively much force in schools. This is Tina Walters.