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Adolescent Smoking And Tobacco Companies Essay, Research Paper

One of the biggest jobs in this universe today is under age smoke. Many baccy companies influence smoking among bush leagues. Minor leagues are possible long-run tobacco users, hence most baccy companies target bush leagues for net income. Tobacco companies target bush leagues merely for net income. They know that about everyone that smokes started before the age of 18.

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Tobacco companies target bush leagues in many ways. Minor leagues are targeted with advertizements in many magazines. You can evidently state baccy companies are seeking to acquire young persons to smoke, because they advertise in magazines that many adolescents read. Adolescents are the bulk for being readers of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone.

Second bush leagues are targeted with ware. They know pulling childs is a wise investing. They need to replace their consumers who are deceasing if they want to remain in concern. Tobacco companies spend tonss of money to do appealing merchandises. For illustration RJ Reynolds is a really large company that makes Nabisco cookies and cereals. RJ Reynolds is besides the company that makes Camel coffin nails. They make cereals and bites appealing to kids. So make you non believe they can do coffin nails or related articles appealing? & # 8220 ; It is said that 50 % of teens who smoke ain baccy gear. & # 8221 ;

Tobacco companies besides make hoardings and postings to promote adolescent smoke. They make ads in ways to demo that smoke is a manner to suit in. Almost every baccy ad has a cat or a adult female being portrayed as confident, independent, immature, and good looking. This gives the incorrect feeling to boys and misss. It gives feelings like & # 8220 ; you can suit in & # 8221 ; , & # 8221 ; its cool & # 8221 ; , and & # 8220 ; everyone does it & # 8221 ; . Many baccy hoardings and postings for adult females give the false feeling that you will go more confident, lose weight, and go better looking. Smoke may be a manner of losing weight, but it decidedly does non do you look better. When you look at a baccy hoarding or posting you ne’er notice smoke coming from a coffin nail or see a coffin nail butt in a individual & # 8217 ; s oral cavity. Why do you non see that? It is because fume coming from a coffin nail and a coffin nail in person & # 8217 ; s oral cavity is non appealing.

Sporting events are besides topographic points where tobac

carbon monoxide companies try to acquire immature 1s to seek and smoke. But Torahs now ban demoing of Tobacco Company commercials. Even though baccy commercials are banned, they still show up on telecasting. For illustration baccy companies now sponsor races and set Sons on autos.

There are many other misrepresentations that baccy companies make. Joe Camel was a really publicised character. The company RJ Reynolds created him. Joe Camel was used to act upon childs to smoke a batch. You would see him dressed up in a black leather jacket, bluish denims, dark glassess, and ever have a coffin nail in his manus. A young person would deduce the ideal that smoke is cool. In some ads you would see Joe Camel with a friend. When you look closely you see his friend is looking like he is passing a coffin nail to person else. You would besides detect he is giving a coffin nail to person smaller than he is.

Tobacco companies besides try to acquire you to believe that smoke is non bad. For illustration RJ Reynolds, the same company who created Joe Camel and that makes Nabisco bites like Oreos claims that their Winston coffin nails are safe. They claim Winstons are safe because they contain & # 8220 ; no additives & # 8221 ; . Does that affair? What about the pitch and nicotine? All coffin nails kill.

& # 8220 ; When all the refuse is stripped off, successful coffin nail advertisement involves demoing the sort of people most people would wish to be, making the things most people would wish to make, and smoking up a storm. I don & # 8217 ; t cognize any manner of making this that doesn & # 8217 ; t allure immature people to smoke. & # 8221 ;

& # 8211 ; publicizing executive who worked on the Marlboro history, quoted in the 1994 Surgeon General & # 8217 ; s Report. Consumer

Reports, March, 1995

Tobacco companies do non desire to lose their clients. Tobacco companies say they are non seeking to acquire childs to smoke. But if they are hooking kids to go future long term clients and if they make over 1.2 billion dollars a twelvemonth, do you truly think they would desire to give that up? Tobacco companies seem to believe they can gull all grownups and kids in believing they disapprove of under age smoke. Tobacco companies are evidently lying. Secret paperss of RJR have been uncovered that prove RJR had intended to aim bush leagues with their Joe Camel run. Had intended? They still are seeking to.