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Adolescent Smoking Essay, Research Paper

Teen Smoking

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Adolescent smoke. Those two words mean a batch of things to a batch of different people. To some it means nil. They are merely two nonmeaningful words found under T and S in the lexicon. To others it is as if these words symbolize some kind of lese majesty or offense against society. Yet to others it is merely another stereotype to be placed under. And to some it is a redemption. An flight. Unfortunately I am composing this paper so you will acquire my places on adolescent smoking instead than other peoples. Teen smoking gathers a batch of emotions when I think about it. It makes me really angry sometimes. My first bill of exchange of this was good but I saw myself acquiring angry and floging out on everyone, so I revised it. But adequate of that, I find adolescent smoke to be a really controversial topic. To be wholly honorable with you I am smoking right now as I am composing this. Obviously I am a tobacco user. I am 17 old ages old and I am a tobacco user.

In the late 1990? s, the statistics showed that about 25 % of teens fume. That? s one out of every four adolescents. High school is a tough clip for teens. These old ages are critical to a teens hereafter. This explains why a huge bulk of tobacco users start at 16 old ages or younger with the most common age being 14 old ages old ( fresher ) . It has besides been proven besides that teens who score lower in school smoke more than higher marking pupils do. It seems that everyone fumes in our school. Our school is overrun with tobacco users. It is right now at least 50 % tobacco users and 65 % if you count the people who will smoke before their high school calling is up. We practically promote it. I mean Fireman? s Field practically condones adolescent smoking. Adolescent smoke is rebelliously a job in our school, every bit good as schools all over the United States. I feel that adolescent smoke is a immense job. I feel that excessively many adolescents smoke coffin nails. It is something that needs to acquire dealt with. But before I get into that I should likely get down with the causes of adolescent smoke.

There are several factors that start teens on smoking coffin nails. There has to be sing that over 1 million new adolescents will get down smoking yearly. The most common is peer force per unit area. For any of you who have ne’er heard these words before, I will specify equal force per unit area. Peer force per unit area is when your equals influence you to make something. Many people comply with equal force per unit area because they want to affect their friends or they want everyone to believe their cool or possibly its merely fright of being rejection. Another ground people start is because they get off on the daze. I have a friend who was ever 100 % consecutive border. He ne’er touched anything bad/illegal. At some party he decided to seek a coffin nail because he thought it would be amusing to smoke in forepart of all these people who know him as a consecutive border. Everyone was like? Ha Ha. Look at him, Look at Mr. Straight Edge smoke. ? Well, That was is right at that place at every party he? d smoke a coffin nail and everyone would express joy and be amused. He loved it. All this attending was great to him. Poor kid smokes a battalion a twenty-four hours now. Another ground childs may get down smoke is their parents. Parents who smoke are much more likely to hold their kid fume. A kid who is around it all the clip and seeing you parents smoke sets a bad illustration. Parents are supposed to be function theoretical accounts for their kids. These childs by and large start smoking younger and be given to be the first kids to smoke. Then out of fright of rejection of whatever they use peer force per unit area to acquire others to get down smoke who in bend get others to get down smoking etc? Another ground people start smoke is shear wonder. This is how I got started. I was ever the funny type. The 1 who would pick up a stone to inspect what was under it without fearing a serpent or bug. A big bulk of my friends smoke. I would ever be with them when they were smoking and I would ever hang out with them. One twenty-four hours we were playing hackey poke outside and? Yo, Can I acquire a coffin nail merely popped out. ? I truly wanted to seek one. For 3 old ages my friends smoked while I merely hung out. Curiosity got the best of me. My first clip the coffin nail merely flowed. No coughing or choking. And the feeling. Ohhhhhhhh the feeling. Simply fantastic. I felt like I was reenergized. I loved the manner if flowed and the manner it felt. There are other causes that start teens on smoking but most of them are single fortunes applicable to merely one or two people around the state.

Some, nescient, people ask, ? Why is adolescent smoking a job? ? For those people who have been populating in a hole for the past 25 old ages, I? ll explicate it. Tobacco kills more people than intoxicant, cocaine, cleft, diacetylmorphine, homicide, suicide, auto accidents, fires and AIDS combined. Smoke is the figure one cause of about every type of malignant neoplastic disease including but non sole to lung ca

ncer and pharynx malignant neoplastic disease. It besides leads to other lung jobs such as emphysema. In add-on, smoke has been proven to impact people? s blood and blood force per unit area doing people more prone to bosom disease and bosom onslaughts. The diseases and jobs associated with smoking all take old ages to develop. Therefore the earlier a individual starts smoke ; theoretically the earlier they will go sick with smoking related diseases. A individual who starts smoking in their teens can be diagnosed with malignant neoplastic disease in their 30? s but it normally doesn? T affect them until they are 40-60. More than 434,000 people die each twelvemonth from baccy related unwellnesss, doing it the individual most preventable cause of decease in the U.S. In Florida entirely, more than 28,000 deceases yearly ( 23 % of entire deceases ) are tobacco related.

Still non convinced on why remain off from smoking? Well besides the fact that it can kill you, as mentioned above, it is merely gross. It stains your dentitions yellow. It makes you, your apparels, your auto, and your place all smell like coffin nails. Besides, it bothers non-smokers. Peoples who don? t fume shouldn? Ts have to inhale your fume, although when I didn? t smoke the odor ne’er bothered me. Any fume that is emitted by a coffin nail that is non inhaled goes into the air. Once these toxins are in the air, they are free to pervert non-smoker lungs excessively. Second manus smoke it is called. Second manus smoke causes non-smokers to acquire the same smoke related diseases and malignant neoplastic diseases as tobacco users. That? s merely incorrectly. My wont and the wonts of other tobacco users are really harming and killing guiltless people. That is a incorrect done to everyone involved. Besides nicotine is widely considered one of the most habit-forming drugs. It is all but impossible to discontinue. Some people do discontinue but non an overpowering bulk. Here is another statistic. Over 95 % of day-to-day smoking high schools seniors think they will hold quit smoke within five old ages, but follow-up surveies show that 73 % of day-to-day smoking high school seniors were still day-to-day tobacco users 8 old ages subsequently. I found that most of the books I checked out truly didn? T aid me accept for some statistics. I already knew this material. I am really informed on smoke and the dangers of it. Besides my gramps passed off with lung malignant neoplastic disease about a twelvemonth and a half ago.

What can be done about adolescent smoking? I have formulated, really I would be lying to state I thought of these first, a few ways to cover with adolescent smoke.

The first manner would be the easiest manner. Make nil about it. The authorities merely endorse off and lets it be. ? Let them smoke if they want. ? This would be the easiest manner but rebelliously non the best manner. Smokers would get down to run rampant. All these statistics would flip projectile. Monetary values would drop as more tobacco users started and lower monetary values would pull new tobacco users. All this fume would merely intend more pollution and decease. Some people figure the? mystique? gone, after everyone does it, it will lose its power. Unfortunately, it is habit-forming, so as new coevalss try cigarettes the older coevalss continue to smoke.

Outlawing coffin nails is besides an option. Once once more, this may non be the best manner. Smoking would merely travel underground much like spirits during the 20? s. A new prohibition period will hold started. Now cigarettes become more? mystique? . Monetary values shoot up doing the new coffin nail traders to thrive. And since coffin nails are habit-forming, the black market could acquire away with bear downing these new crazily high monetary values.

Another manner to cover with this would be take safeguards, heighten criterions, and afflicted Torahs. This, in my sentiment, would be the best solution. It would be the most effectual which is bad intelligence for your mean adolescent tobacco user. Raising monetary values, increasing the mulcts for minor gross revenues, and double-checking every I.D. would work every bit long as they are ENFORCED. If they are enforced you will detect adolescent smoke will diminish. Besides encouraging parents, instructors, priests, and all other influential figures to edify childs on the facts and dangers of smoke at immature ages would besides diminish adolescent smoke. The key there is to implement and reenforce the dangers to childs from the clip they are 6 until they are 18. Parents who tell their childs non to smoke one time when their childs are 10 are more likely to hold smoking kids so the parents who invariably talk to their kid.

In decision, I province that I am against adolescent smoke. Even though I am a adolescent tobacco user. It would be impossible to maintain all teens from smoking but it is rebelliously possible to greatly lower the figure of teens who smoke. It merely takes a small attempt. On everybody? s portion from the president, to the governor, to instructors, to parents, and even the teens themselves. A small attempt, a small test and mistake, and some clip and you will detect adolescent smoke will no longer be the job it one time was.