Adolescent Theft In America Essay, Research PaperLarcenyLarceny is a job in America today field and simple. Some teens think it is all right to steal and others do non.

Adolescent larceny is a job go arounding about power, drugs, and attending.Many adolescent bargain for power. Teenss think they are powerful if they can take something from person else. Teenss think that if they have the power to steal possibly they have the power to perpetrate larger or more violent offenses. Some teens may support themselves by stating, I merely steal a Cadmium one time in awhile. My reply to that defence is, What if everyone merely stole a Cadmium one time I awhile how much more expensive do you believe they would acquire? Cadmiums are expensive now what if everyone merely stole on one time in awhile? Power is really closely related to larceny and how much material you can acquire. Nowadays money is power is you can steal for material and sell it for more money so you excessively have power over person who has less or none at all.

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Another ground adolescent might steal is for money for the thrust or demand for drugs. They might steal a Cadmium for a small hard currency or they might ensue to bigger and more expensive things. Recently on ABC News a study stated that drug usage among teens is decline as compared to ten old ages ago. You would believe that since drug usage is worsening larceny would be excessively, right? Well you are right.

Larceny is a easy worsening job in America. It is still an of import issue though because since it is easy worsening there is still that menace that many teens are still stealing. It is of import to check down on drug excessively because without drugs there would be one less ground to steal.That Brings us to our last ground. Teenss steal because of Attention.

Teenss may steal to acquire the attending of their parents if they don t wage attending to them at place. They might believe that stealing something and acquiring busted with it would acquire their parents to acquire after them and demo that they care approximately would the kid does and desire to take pride in them. Teenss may besides believe that stealing something would gain them regard and do them experience like a large individual. If a child gets picked on every twenty-four hours and eventually gets truly huffy and bargains something really beloved to the individual picking on them so they have control over that individual. They can make up one’s mind weather to turn it back in or maintain it or merely destruct it out of hatred for that individual.

Another ground possibly that teens steal because of force per unit area. If person says, Hey steal that cipher will cognize, merely you and me adult male. That is really overpowering and you don t want to look stupid in forepart of everyone so they might steal it and believe that they did something cool or something.

Overall larceny is a awful thing.Teenss today might believe it is alright to steal some pencils or merely a Cadmium one time in a piece but overall it is a awful thing. No 1 wants their things stolen so you shouldn t steal them. One stating wraps it all up, Treat others as you want to be treated yourself. I truly believe in this stating and think people should populate by it.Plants CitedU.S. Department of Justice.

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