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Adolescent Workers Essay, Research Paper

Adolescent Workers

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Fifteen old ages old and working seems to be going a norm and in fact

there are many adolescents younger than 15 who are already working at paying

occupations. Some of these pupils are every bit immature as 12 old ages old.

More than half of the secondary school pupils have paying occupations. This

figure grows each class degree the pupil goes up. The figure of hours besides

rises along with the class degree. The sort of occupation varies depending on the sex

of the kid. Boys tend to present newspapers and misss tend to babysit. As

the teens turn older the occupation involvement alteration with adolescent misss turning to

eating houses and retail mercantile establishments, while the male childs will work in the household concern

, eating houses and other nutrient related concerns. The hours that the childs have

to take from are normally form 6a.m. to 8a.m presenting newspapers and 8p.m to

6a.m. for babysitting. Most other occupations are scheduled 3pm till 10pm during the

hebdomad while weekend occupations tend to hold agendas of 7 to 8 hours per twenty-four hours.

The Higher Education Board says that working more than 15 hours a hebdomad

is bad for the academic calling. As the work hours increase the survey clip

lessenings. Current research finds that a work agenda of 10 hours or less

seems to be the best and for most adolescents a agenda of 10 hours does non

consequence their academic public presentation, in negative ways but in fact seems to assist

them do better in school shown by improved classs. Those teens working 10 to

15 hours per hebdomad are in a flip up state of affairs with some making good while others

battle. It is at the 15 hr degree that things alteration and the work starts to

consequence the teens public presentation. Although at that place seems to be no direct relationship

between the hr spent working and the hours spent analyzing and how this effects

the classs, there does look to be a relationship between the figure of hours

worked and the absentee rate. Those pupils working weekend occupations and disbursement

most of the weekend clip at say a fast nutrient eating house tend to lose more scho ol.

It has besides been found that working more than 15 hours has non been

proven to be a cause of dropping out of high school. Failure at school is the

biggest ground for dropping out and the consequence of failure at school can be but

is non ever caused by a pupil working. Most frequently the pupil who drops out

does so for a assortment of grounds the desire to gain money possibly portion of the

image but there are many parts to that image.

A study done by Nicole Champagne says that 85 % of secondary and high

school pupils work for the intent of purchasing consumer goods. The primary

ground for working among 16 twelvemonth olds is to by a auto. Among this 85 % 40 % of

them work more than 15 hours a hebdomad.

For 20 % working has a wholly different intent and that is to assist

their households in a clip of demand. This group is normally made up of juniors and


Ms. bubbly besides found that 76.8 % of the pupils that were working

were making so because they wanted the occupation market experience. Of these pupils

69.7 % said they would go on to work even if their parents gave them the money

they were gaining at their occupations.

As the figure of teens working continues to turn there are some

concerns that this work environment is doing the teens to lose out on other

more of import activities including the full educational experience.

It is dry that as more and more teens work that the school systems

seem to do fewer and less demands of the pupils. The school systems besides

seem to cut into the pupil activities and by making so assist the pupil to lose

involvement in what is traveling on at school. This besides gives the adolescent ground to look

for other amusements, including work.

A typical twenty-four hours of the on the job adolescent would get down with a 5:30 am aftermath

up call, after holding had five hours slumber. In the following hr and a half this

adolescent must fix him or her ego for school which may include making some

prep that & # 8217 ; s due this really twenty-four hours. After all the readyings are done and our

typical working adolescent arrives at school the battles of remaining awake Begin.

As first period ends the awaking of the on the job adolescent begins. As tiffin

begins the turning point of the on the job adolescent twenty-four hours begins, because he or she

both starts to recognize the yearss work in front.

While the realisation of the work in front sets in, the adolescent starts to

program when to seek and make place work and how much clip is needed per assignment.

After the school twenty-four hours & # 8217 ; s end the typical working adolescent has prepared to work for

another 7 to 8 hr and perchance another hr or two making place work, before

leaping into bed for tonigths 5 hr ration of slumber.