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Teenage Abortion Essay, Research Paper

Teenage abortion & # 8230 ; .a much more normally used word so it used to be in the United States and in Middletown High. Old ages ago abortion wasn t even an option or something anyone would see. If a miss became pregnant she would cover with the effects of her actions, but now there is a manner out of holding a kid. Abortion can be utilized every bit early as the forenoon after intercourse and every bit tardily as the 3rd trimester of gestation. When a abortion is administered, the doctors remove the contents of the womb. If the miss is in the first trimester ( 1-12 hebdomads ) , it is a reasonably simple process that can be done in a physician s office or clinic. The farther along the gestation, the longer the process and the more complicated it will go. Since teenage abortion has become much more popular, it s go a more interesting subject of conversation. It s so interesting because now some teens aren T as disquieted about acquiring pregnant, some feel it s unethical, and some merely have no sentiment. We are anticipating that a really high per centum of adolescents at Middletown High School have had sex before and hopefully use protection. We are besides anticipating to detect that many adolescents will take abortion for the simple fact that maintaining a babe would wholly alter their lives. We developed a study aimed towards adolescents aged 16-18, and of all races. We choose inquiries that would use to our subject and assist us understand our consequences. The first inquiry we asked was Have you of all time had sex? . This is of import because it is a basal inquiry and can demo us if people who do hold sex are more adapt to hold a abortion. The 2nd inquiry we asked was Are you sexually active? , this inquiry was asked because many people who have had sex, at least one time, wear T make it repeatedly and may experience different about abortion. Our 3rd inquiry was Do you utilize protection? . This inquiry shows how many people who are sexually active really use protection against acquiring pregnant such as rubbers, birth control pills and the best pick, abstention. The 4th inquiry on our study was, If you or your girlfriend were pregnant would you: a ) maintain it b ) put it up for acceptance or degree Celsius ) have a abortion. In combination with the first inquiry you can see if people who don Ts have sex were more likely to desire to maintain, give off, of abort a babe. Question five, Would you state anyone if you or your girlfriend were pregnant and the picks you make? . This shows us if people are embarrassed with gestation and the picks they would hold to do. Next, inquiry six, Do you believe that Miri

tion is ethical? , shows that even though abortion is an option, possibly some people may non hold with it. Question seven, Are you familiar with the abortion procedure? , shows that many people may desire abortions but they have no thought what it is all about. The last inquiry, Do you that adolescents who have childs are accepted in society? , shows that although many may desire to maintain a babe, or have sex without thought of the consequences, do they truly feel adolescents are accepted with kids.

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After we collected one hundred studies from the pupils of MHS, we obtained many consequences. We compared them by utilizing male to female method. Here are our consequences: Males: Females: entire surveyed: 34 66haven T had sex: 32 % 39 % have had sex: 68 % 61 % sexually active: 56 % 42 % non sexually active: 44 % 58 % had sex-use protection: 96 % 78 % had sex-no protection: 4 % 22 % if pregnant & A ; hold had sexkeep it: 52 % 53 % acceptance: 4 % 3 % abortion: 44 % 44 % if pregnant & A ; haven Ts had sexkeep it: 75 % 41 % acceptance: 0 % 11 % abortion: 25 % 48 % Tell anyone & A ; hold had sexyes: 71 % 53 % no: 32 % 35 % Tell anyone & A ; haven Ts had sexyes: 68 % 25 % no: 32 % 75 % ethical & A ; hold had sexyes: 57 % 53 % no: 33 % 30 % ethical & A ; haven Ts had sexyes: 43 % 47 % no: 73 % 53 % familiar with abortion & A ; hold had sexMALES: Females: yes: 81 % 58 % no: 73 % 48 % familiar with abortion & A ; haven Ts had sexyes: 55 % 30 % no: 36 % 33 % accepted in society with childs & A ; hold had sexyes: 46 % 20 % no: 57 % 18 % accepted in society with childs & A ; haven Ts had sexyes: 45 % 50 % no: 45 % 35 % **to acquire the per centums we took for illustration: 24 people think abortion is ethical and have had sex out of a entire 50 people who have had sex** These consequences were really interesting and gave us a thought of what everyone thinks about abortion. We learned that more than 2/3 of the pupils surveyed have had sex, but non about as many are sexually active. Besides, although many males, 96 % , who have sex usage protection, merely 78 % of females use protection against gestation. From inquiry 3, we discovered that out of both females and males who have had sex they every bit surveyed that about + would take abortion, and the other + would take to maintain it and merely a really little per centum would even believe of acceptance. Another interesting fact we found was that more than 50 % of adolescents who would take sex, merely 30-33 % believe that it is ethical. Does that intend that people who have sex and could perchance acquire pregnant would hold an abortion but some don t think it s ethical? That is a really uneven find. The study we developed was really enlightening and utile and gave us a batch of surprising consequences.