Teenage Curfews Essay, Research Paper

Should our teens have a adolescent curfew implemented in our vicinity?

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What is at that place to make so tardily at dark? That? s what many parents inquire their kids. But

The reply they get out of their childs is normally the biggest prevarication of all time. ? Enforcing a curfew to

Keep our adolescents off the streets at dark International Relations and Security Network? t the reply. Curfews are an impractical

Solution to a serious job? , says Bob Harkins of the Teenage Review. Today? s childs

Aren? T probably to listen to theses Torahs anyhow. In order for a curfew to work parents would

Have to implement it. Today? s constabulary officers are to busy and the deficiency the Numberss to

Baby-sit our states kids. Plus in order for this to work you would necessitate the parents

Support, and many parents either wear? T know about the curfew or merely merely wear? T attention.

But on the other manus many people agree that a curfew would work our vicinities

Problems. ? If you chase people off the streets and lock them in their doors, there

Behavior is bound to alter? , says Time Magazine.

The one chief struggle will be is are the people truly traveling to listen to these regulations

If alteration is applied. Rules are made to be broken is the manner many adolescents live today.

Many parents would love this thought but so you have the childs who wholly disagree with

the thought and desire to be free. This would besides cut? s into people? s civil rights as a citizen

of the United States. But no affair what people say it is impossible to delight everyone

and childs and parents are traveling to hold different positions about the whole thing.

All in all I believe that giving a cosmopolitan curfew is really foolish. My logical thinking

behind this is the fact that holding other people parent your kids isn? t right. The other

people being the constabulary officers have better thing to worry about like slayings and

force, non doing certain small tommy is in bed by 12 oclock. Curfews should be the

duty of the parents and what they feel is right for their kid. The logical thinking for

this is that certain kids would destroy it for others. What I mean by this is that parents

cognize what there kid is like and whether he is responsible plenty to take attention of

himself tardily at dark. That? s were there should be a certain sense of security. In stating

that I mean that if something happens to you, your parents should be the first 1s to

cognize about it, a simple call can do all the difference. Basically the manner to a later

curfew is merely the simple affair of trust.

After researching this subject I don? t uncertainty that if utmost steps are taken the

offense will travel down. And I don? t uncertainty that success in one country will take to attempts in

other countries. I do hold uncertainties though about this state seeking to stop the changeless war

between parents and kids with the bulls, Sirens, mulcts, and gaols. Leave this one up to

the parents and allow them take it on the mentum if there kid screws up.


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