Adolescent Parent: Good Or Bad? Essay, Research PaperMichael MalleskeEnglish 085Bing A adolescent Parent: Good or Bad?Is being a teenage parent every bit difficult as people say it is? From some people & # 8217 ; s perspective, the reply may be yes! But the people who have a positive attitude and are realistic, their reply might be different. I personally can associate and experience that there are many grounds that being a teen-parent can learn you a batch and be good. The state of affairs pushes a individual to travel to college, teaches them how to pull off clip good, and the biggest pro would be larning duty.

A college grade that a adolescent could acquire would assist back up the child. If a individual does non travel to college and raises a child, they may populate a happy life. But every bit comfortably as a individual who gets their grade and a good paying occupation.

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That is why I am truly concentrating on college right now so that old ages from now, I will non be in any fiscal problem. Having a grade could merely intend positive results when it comes to fiscal disbursals when holding a child.Time direction is indispensable when traveling to school and holding a young one to look out after, can be really disputing. As a shortly to be parent, I know that when March comes and my girl is born, that it will be really difficult to be at that place for my child all the clip and to maintain my classs a top precedence. But this state of affairs is a manner of larning how to pull off my clip sagely. For case, I will set aside clip for analyzing and besides clip to pass with my child.

Time direction when holding a kid shouldn’t be overlooked as an easy undertaking.In my eyes, being resposible, among the other two subjects, is the biggest obstruction to hone as a parent. Peoples tell me that this will be the biggest duty of my life. All my life I felt that I was responsible, but to be in charge of another life is something I have ever dreamed of one twenty-four hours coming true. If I can win through this obstruction, so I know that my babe & # 8217 ; s life will be all right.

In the terminal, gaining a college grade, get the hanging clip direction, and raising my girl right are all ends of mine. And with dedication to acquire through college, finding to conqoure clip direction, and a desire to be a responsible parent, I know that nil can halt me from making my ends.