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Teenage Pregnancy Essay, Research Paper

Over the past few old ages adolescent gestation rates have grown well. More than one million adolescents will go pregnant this twelvemonth in Canada, and the figure is turning. Many socioeconomic factors influence gestation rates, such as ; different races,

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different faiths, fiscal position, instruction and household background. Another influence is the sexual instruction kids are having or non having at school and at place. While

the job of teenage gestation is acknowledged, solutions are coming easy.

Some parents feel that gestation is a consequence of the deficiency of sex instruction classs taught in schools, while others feel that these classs end up promoting adolescents to go sexually active. Surveies have been done to happen out merely how of import sex instruction classs are, and what consequence they have on gestation rates. The sum of sex instruction they receive is non as of import a factor, harmonizing to a new survey. ( Fewer misss get pregnant when involved in community, E8 ) Toronto Sun, 1998 ) Other beginnings say:

Sexual activity instruction classs, advocated to forestall adolescent gestation but denounced as bucked up sexual involvement, appear to hold small or no consequence on teens sexual activity. Such classs besides have no noticeable consequence on preventive usage and gestation rates among adolescents. It was found that while pupils do larn about sex and contraceptive method, they do non look to change their behaviour. ( Okie, 1996 )

The classs that are offered in schools have proven non to hold any influence on the adolescent gestation rates. The ground for this may be that the classs are merely non being taught efficaciously or are aiming the incorrect age group:

Two major ends of the school sex instruction plans are to cut down the incidence of indefensible gestation every bit good as the rates of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, to be effectual, plans m

ust get down early. If we wait until an age when most striplings are sexually active, we might hold to battle an acquired behavioural form of uneffective STD/pregnancy bar behaviour. Some statistics found that in the 1984 study of school

overseers found that kids do non all seem to cognize what we expect them to cognize.

It was found that 50 % of schools offered a household life instruction plan. Whereas 87 % of urban territories had a plan, merely 25 % of rural territories had a plan. Canadian school kids ages 9, 12 and 15 showed a considerable deficiency of sexual instruction. Merely 35 % of class 7 pupils knew that is was possible for a

miss to acquire pregnant between the ages of 12 and 15. Most thought gestation could non happen until after age 16. ( Herold, 1997 )

Through many surveies it has been proven that sex instruction in schools has little or no noticeable consequence on the adolescent gestation rate.

The decision has been made that the rate of teenage gestation is lifting, but there is no solution in sight. Many thought holding sex instruction in the schools would cut down the rate but statistics have suggested that they will non. There have been

suggestions of other ways of cut downing the high rates. Sexual guidance and entree to bar ( Beard, 1992 ) could be tried. In the mid-1970 s the Ontario authorities started to supply cosmopolitan entree to publically funded household planning and sex instruction. ( Beard, 1992 ) If these were used in combination with school gender instruction it has been predicted that a lessening in the gestation rate would happen. Changes in the societal

clime, ( MacDonald, 1996 ) , which adolescents have been exposed to hold been linked with lifting adolescent gestation rates. These forces must be understood if we are to avoid to obvious booby traps, draw successfully on our traditional societal and cultural strengths,

and design effectual theoretical accounts of bar.