Teenage Pregnancy Essay, Research PaperRecent statistics have shown a go oning addition in adolescent gestation in theUnited States.

This addition is of peculiar concern because adolescent female parents andtheir babes face increased hazards to their wellness. The birth rate for immatureteens ( age 15 to 17 ) is steadily lifting. Between 1986 and 1991, the rateincreased by 27 per centum ( from a rate of 30.5 to a rate of 38.7 per 1,000 adult females ) .In 1991 ( the most recent twelvemonth for which informations are available ) , about 4 in 100misss ages 15 to 17 had a babe. ( 1 ) About 1 million adolescents become pregnanteach twelvemonth, and more than 530,000 give birth.

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( 1 ) About 13 % of all U.S. births in1991 were to teens. ( 1 ) Teenage gestation and birth rates in the U.

S. exceedthose in most developed states. ( 2 ) Teens excessively frequently have hapless eating wonts,and may smoke, imbibe intoxicant and take drugs, increasing the hazard that theirbabes will be born with wellness jobs.

Pregnant teens are least likely of allmaternal age groups to acquire early and regular prenatal attention. In 1991,11 per centumof adolescent female parents received late or no antenatal attention. ( 1 ) ( The overall norm is 6per centum. ) A teenage female parent is more at hazard of gestation complications such aspremature or prolonged labour, anaemia and high blood force per unit area. These hazards areeven greater for teens who are less than 15 old ages old. ( 3 ) Three million teensare affected by sexually transmitted diseases yearly, out of the 12 millioninstances reported. ( 4 ) These include chlamydia ( which can do asepsis ) , pox( which can do blindess, decease, and decease to the baby ) and AIDS, which isfatal to the female parent and can infect the baby. A babe born to a teenage female parentis more at hazard than a babe born to an older female parent.

Nine per centum of teenagemisss have low-birthweight babes ( under 5.5 pounds. ) , compared to 7 per centum of allfemale parents nationally. ( 1 ) Low-birthweight babes may hold variety meats that are non to the fulldeveloped. This can take to lung jobs such as respiratory hurt syndrome,

& gt ; or shed blooding in the encephalon. Low-birthweight babes are 40 times more likely to deceasein their first month of life than normal-weight babes. Life is frequently hardfor a teenage female parent and her kid. One in three adolescent female parents drops out of highschool.

With her instruction cut short, a teenage female parent may miss occupation accomplishments,doing it difficult for her to happen and maintain a occupation. A teenage female parent may gofinancially dependent on her household or on public assistance. Teenss may non hold developedgood parenting accomplishments, or have social-support systems to assist them cover with theemphasis of raising an baby.

The March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation Themission of the March of Dimes is to better the wellness of babes by forestallingbirth defects and infant mortality. Through its Campaign for Healthier Babies,the March of Dimes financess plans of research, community services, instruction andprotagonism. Because of the hazards involved in adolescent gestation to both female parent andkid, the March of Dimes strongly urges adolescent misss to detain childbirth.Teenss who are already pregnant can better their opportunities of holding a healthybabe by: ~Getting early and regular prenatal attention from a physician or clinic.~Eating a alimentary and balanced diet. ~Consuming 0.

4 mgs of folic acid( the sum found in most multivitamin addendums ) daily to cut down the hazard ofserious birth defects of the encephalon and spinal column. ~Avoiding smoke ( and secondhandfume when possible ) and alcoholic drinks. ~Avoiding all drugs, unlessrecommended by a physician or wellness attention supplier who is cognizant of the gestation.

Programs and educational stuffs associating to adolescent gestation are available fromthe March of Dimes, including the booklets, “ Teens Talk Sex, ”“ Teenss Talk Drugs ” and “ AIDS & # 8230 ; What We Need to Know ” and the“ Clear Vision ” and “ Rockabye ” audiovisuals, which are aimedat the junior high and high school audience. Reach your local March of Dimeschapter for telling information.32a