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Teenage Smoking Essay, Research Paper

This is a narrative about Stephanie. When she was 16 she had her foremost coffin nail, in the dorsum of her friends auto. Her friend lit up a coffin nail for herself and so offered Stephanie one. Stephanie knew that smoke was bad for you, but everyone else she knew had tried it. She wanted to experience like she fit in. She smoked the coffin nail and thought to herself, & # 8220 ; Hey, this is pretty cool. I feel so relaxed. Two old ages subsequently, Stephanie was a senior and smoking a battalion a twenty-four hours. She found it difficult to do it through her eight hr school twenty-four hours without holding a fume. She knew she was addicted, but liked the fact that she was portion of the smoke crowd in her school. Four old ages subsequently and about 450 battalions of coffin nails subsequently, Stephanie was in college, and addicted as of all time. She knew she wanted to discontinue, but didn & # 8217 ; t believe she could chop it with all the emphasis of college. She wished that she had ne’er had that first coffin nail when she was 16, because she wouldn & # 8217 ; t be addicted now. If there had been a jurisprudence, forbiding teenage smoke, she ne’er would hold started.

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Harmonizing to the National Institute of drug maltreatment, each twenty-four hours, 3,000 teens smoke their first coffin nail. That is more that one million yearly. Despite authorities efforts, teenage smoke is lifting in dismaying Numberss. In fact, in Ohio 35 per centum of high-school childs fume. A figure manner above the 24 per centum of grownup tobacco users. Ohio needs a tough jurisprudence to forbid teens from smoke, so that these per centums will be smaller in approaching old ages.

The authorities needs to aim adolescents, because they will go the future tobacco users. Alternatively of concentrating on addicted grownups, they should be forestalling immature people from get downing. It is difficult to acquire grownups who have been smoking for legion old ages to halt. It & # 8217 ; s much easier to forestall young person from get downing. In January of 1998, coffin nail maker, Philip Morris, admitted that the company had monitored the smoke wonts of people every bit immature as 12 because, & # 8220 ; today & # 8217 ; s adolescent is tomorrow & # 8217 ; s possible customer. & # 8221 ; This is a really true statement. Harmonizing to a Bill introduced into the House of Representatives this past April, & # 8220 ; about 90 per centum of grownup tobacco users began at or before age 18. & # 8221 ; And people who begin smoking at an early age are more likely to develop terrible degrees of nicotine dependence than those who start at a ulterior age. Harmonizing to these determination, the authorities would happen it easier to forestall teenage smoke from get downing, than to cover with the reverberations of it subsequently.

Teenage smoke is a job for assorted grounds. It is a serious danger to wellness. Harmonizing to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, smoke is responsible for and estimated one in five U.S. deceases and costs the U.S. at least $ 92 billion each twelvemonth in wellness attention costs and lost productiveness. Cigarette smoking during childhood and adolescence green goodss important heath jobs among immature people, including cough and emotionlessness production, and an addition in the figure and badness of resperatory unwellnesss, decreased physical fittingness, and possible deceleration in the rate of lung growing and the degree of maximal lung map. Harmonizing to the Department of Health and Human Services, more Americans die each twelvemonth from smoking related unwellnesss than Americans that are killed each twelvemonth by AIDS, intoxicant, auto accidents, slayings, self-destructions, illegal drugs, and fires combined. & # 8221 ; Now that is the best cogent evidence I can believe of that smoke is bad job.

Although most teens are cognizant of the hazard factors, many still continue to smoke. Harmonizing to Trish Fraser, a legal guardian of the Smoke-free Coalition, when childs were asked why they started smoking, they gave two contradictory replies. They wanted to be portion of a crowd. Children do non desire to be left out, they want to be wanted. If their equals are smoking, than they will desire to smoke every bit good. They want to make out and arise at the same clip.

The authorities has issued ordinances to restrict the handiness and entreaty of baccy merchandises to immature people. Stairss to command minor smoking have non helped. Even under punishment of the jurisprudence, concerns continue to sell baccy merchandises to minor. Sellers now have to tease any one who is under the age of 27. It is a load for minimal pay employees to play a changeless age guesswork game. The authorities is penalizing the sellers, but non the teens. The authorities has besides raised the monetary value of coffin nails, but many teens don & # 8217 ; t think this will halt them. In an article published in the Akron Beacon Journal, 16-year-old Zach Naugle of Covington Kentucky said, & # 8220 ; It & # 8217 ; s non traveling to do me discontinue because I & # 8217 ; ve

got a occupation and I’m doing money to purchase coffin nails non count what they cost.”

A solution to this mammoth job would be for Ohio to put up a province jurisprudence that would punish bush leagues for ownership and usage of baccy. Presently, province jurisprudence prohibits teens from buying coffin nails, but there is now jurisprudence forbiding them from utilizing them. Seems backward, doesn & # 8217 ; t it? Punishment for teens caught smoking would be a mulct of up to $ 250, attending at a twenty-four hours long tobacco-awareness category and 4 hours of community service. Those who skip category, community service, or neglect to come to tribunal, would lose their licence for up to 180 yearss and have a warrant issued for their apprehension once they turn 18. For teens who do non yet have a licence, they will hold to wait 6 month after they apply for a licence to acquire one. Stiffer punishments would be given for repetition discourtesies.

But, will it work? This type of jurisprudence, one that makes it illegal for teens to smoke, has been used in provinces such as Washington, Texas, and Illinois. Their Torahs are constructed likewise to this proposal, including prohibition and penalty. So far, in Texas, 164 adolescents has their driver & # 8217 ; s licence suspended for tobacco-related discourtesies, harmonizing to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Besides, 3,000 young persons have taken the tobacco-awareness class since the anti- smoke jurisprudence took consequence. In, Morrison County, Illinois, constabulary head, Bob Snodgrass said that & # 8220 ; minor smoke, one time prevalent on the streets, has become rare since their jurisprudence went into effect. & # 8221 ; In Vancouver, Washington, most grownup and teens, despite whether they smoked, believe the jurisprudence is a good thing, harmonizing to interviews conducted by their local intelligence, KOIN. Nineteen-year-old, Tony Smith was safe from the new jurisprudence, but said he ne’er would hold started smoking if the jurisprudence was around a few old ages ago.

This proposal to do adolescent smoking illegal will work because teens would fear the penalty. Teenagers don & # 8217 ; t like community service, or the thought of passing their full Saturday at an anti-smoking category. Tony Smith said, & # 8220 ; Oh no, I wouldn & # 8217 ; t fume because I wouldn & # 8217 ; t want to pay that 50 vaulting horses and do to sort! & # 8221 ; A mulct of $ 50 to $ 250 is serious money for most adolescents. Even if a adolescent holds down a portion clip occupation, he or she makes near minimum-wage. A mulct of that size could intend one or two payroll checks. It is adequate that a adolescent that wants to smoke has to pay hideous monetary values for coffin nails, but at that place would besides be the fright of holding to pay a immense mulct. Why would any adolescent privation to get down?

Enforcement of this policy would surely take down the per centums of teens that smoke. It would be enforced the same manner minor imbibing is. If a constabulary officer sees a immature individual imbibing, he or she would inquire for I.D. and so follow process from at that place. The lone difference in this would be that police officers would besides hold to watch out for minor tobacco users, non merely drinkers. One thought, to guarantee that the jurisprudence is enforced would be that for each clip a police officer cites a adolescent for smoke, a per centum of the mulct that the adolescent would pay, would travel to the officer. This would be an added inducement for constabulary to maintain their oculus out.

The advantages of this policy would be it & # 8217 ; s simpleness. The adolescents are punished for smoking illicitly. Police officers would desire to maintain an oculus out because of the simpleness and the inducement. There wouldn & # 8217 ; t be much excess work. When Illinois introduced it & # 8217 ; s jurisprudence, lawgivers it said that the punishments against bush leagues would work in concurrence with bing Torahs against merchandisers as an overall onslaught on underage smoke. If Ohio were to make the same thing, teenage smoke could truly be cut down. Possibly other provinces would follow our illustration.

The benefits of this policy would be enormous to our state and our population. If fewer teens start smoke, old ages from now there will be fewer grownup tobacco users, which means fewer smoking-related deceases. Health attention costs could be cut dramatically. The authorities would hold to pass less money on anti-smoking runs that don & # 8217 ; t work and interventions for ex-smokers. And the authorities would do money from the mulcts collected.

Who knows, possibly finally smoking could finally go nonextant. Yes, I may be woolgathering, but if you must cognize, I am Stephanie. And I know that as a tobacco user of seven old ages, I wish there had been Torahs old ages ago forestalling me from get downing. I know that if it was illegal, I ne’er would hold done it and became every bit addicted as I am today. A jurisprudence in Ohio that prohibits teens from smoke could forestall teens from get downing, and prevent their declinations old ages subsequently.