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Teenage Stereo Types Essay, Research Paper

Today there are more stereotypes so of all time earlier. Black and white stereotypes, work forces and adult females stereotypes, cultural stereotypes and adolescent stereotypes. Peoples see one thing done by a certain group and automatically presume that every individual belonging to that group does the same thing. I am non truly certain how true that is, particularly being a adolescent. There are so many stereotypes against us. These include that adolescents cause problem, are perverting society, imbibe excessively much, smoke excessively much, don & # 8217 ; t regard people, and that we are lazy.

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That last one is the 1 that gets to me. It is true nevertheless. Many adolescents are really lazy. I have friends who are 19 and yet have ne’er worked a twenty-four hours in their life. They are highly lazy. Their parents maintaining giving them money and they keep taking it. I do non see them working till they are at least out of college. Even so they might merely travel back in with their parents. That is why this stereotype exists. This image is what everyone sees as the typical adolescent. A child sitting at place observation t.v. , playing picture games, and being lazy

This stereotype merely does non suit for me though. I may suit into the other 1s but non this 1. Well possibly as a child, but non feel going a adolescent. While turning up I have ever been making something. In in-between school I played athleticss to go through the clip. I played football, hoops, and ran path. Sports normally took up about two and a half hours a dark. That left merely adequate clip to make prep. Still nevertheless many older people thought that athleticss where merely for merriment and that a child was lazy if he or she wasn & # 8217 ; t working no affair what age. So over the summers I worked as a pipe fitters helper. I ran tools and cut pipe. It was small but it was a occupation and it kept me busy. Then high school started. This alone was adequate to maintain me from being lazy. The athleticss patterns got longer and the prep tougher. That left me with even less clip at dark. Then came the age of freedom. The driv

ing age of 16. I instantly got my license and with that I wanted a auto to travel along with it. They don’t come free nevertheless. My parents were non purchasing my shortness of breath narratives either. So it was clip to acquire a portion clip occupation. I decided to non travel out for path that twelvemonth and travel occupation runing alternatively. I found a occupation as a coach male child at a local eating house. I could work at that place on the weekends and still travel to school during the hebdomad. This kept me really busy. It did allow me acquire a auto though. Now I had to pay auto insurance. So this meant I had to work even more. By the terminal of high school I was on my 2nd auto and had a batch of excess money. It felt good to work for the things I wanted.

It was clip to travel to college. I thought I would really be able to be lazy. I was incorrectly, it merely got worse. Not merely did I still have to acquire a occupation, I had to worry about analyzing more and hoops would now take all of my clip. I moved into an flat. This was the worst thing I could make. Now I had to grocery store, due measures, and maintain it clean. Now I had no opportunity to be lazy even if I wanted excessively. I got up at 5:45 ante meridiem every twenty-four hours for work. I worked for two hours so came place. I would so travel back to bed for an hr or so. When the dismay went off for the 2nd clip that twenty-four hours it was clip to acquire ready for school. I preceded to school. After a twenty-four hours at school I would so travel to pattern. Here I would pass two grueling hours in the gym. I would drag myself place and eventually hold a small clip to analyze so loosen up. This restful clip was my lone free clip of the twenty-four hours. It might hold been short but really restful. Possibly that could be considered lazy but I doubt it, non after a twenty-four hours like that. I guess it would depend on who is making the judgment.

I wonder what sort of people say that adolescents are lazy? I bet they say these things based on a child they know. I think they might even be closer to that child so merely cognizing them. They are the 1s rearing those childs and likely the 1s botching them excessively. Or maybe it is merely that they where that lazy childs while turning up?