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Adolescents Smoking Essay, Research Paper

Adolescents Smoking

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Smoke is a really of import issue in the universe and among adolescents. There is research that shows that immigrants to the US smoke even more than US citizens ( Public Health Service, 1991 ) . Since we at Galileo are all adolescents and largely immigrants, we would wish to make research on smoke in China, the U.S and among immigrants. We did a batch of research in books, magazines and the Internet, and so made a study to see if smoke at Galileo H.S ( a high school in SF ) matches what the other research says.

Smoking in China

China is the most thickly settled state in the universe, with 1.2 billion citizens. Smoke is really common in China ; over 350 million people are smoking. Peoples can smoke everyplace: in school, theatres, section shops, museums and bowls, and on public transit and all domestic flights. In China, the Numberss of coffin nails smoked daily has increased from 11 per centum to 16 per centum for work forces and from 9 per centum to 10 per centum for adult females since 1984 ( Hammond, Ross 1988 ) . The adolescent tobacco users in China are less than the adolescent tobacco users in U.S. In 1997 smoke in China was really high, but the decease rate was low, because the Chinese people hadn t started smoked long plenty yet. ShangHai state is where the most people smoke. Consequences from the 1996 China National Prevalence Study papers that both work forces and adult females now initiate smoking 3 old ages before compared with informations from 1984 with work forces get downing at an mean age of 20 old ages and adult females at 25 old ages ( Hammond, Ross 1997 )

China is the biggest merchandising market for coffin nails. For illustration, one in three coffin nails smoked in the universe today are smoked in China, and the Chinese consume were four times as many coffin nails as the following largest consumer, the United States of America. From 1985 to 1992, coffin nail ingestion per grownup dropped by 13 % in extremely developed states, but at the same clip increased by 20 % in China. For every one less coffin nail smoked in more developed states, three more coffin nails were smoked in China ( Health Communications and Public Relations, 1997 ) . From a 1996 national study, 63 % of Chinese work forces smoked, and merely 4 % of Chinese adult females smoked ( Hammond, Ross 1998 ) . This compares to 61 % of male and 7 % of female tobacco users in 1984, the work forces tobacco users have increased and adult females tobacco users have decreased. In 1984, work forces smoked on mean 13 cigarettes a twenty-four hours. By 1996, this figure increased to 15 coffin nails a twenty-four hours ( Karlsson, Ciara, 1997 ) .

Smoking in US: Adults

There are many tobacco users in the US, a batch of them die from different diseases related to smoking every twelvemonth. The per centums are different for different sorts of tobacco users. In 1995, there are more than 1.851 million American day-to-day tobacco users, of which an estimated 1.226 million ( 66.2 % ) are under the age of 18 old ages old, and 15 per centum of current tobacco users were between 25 and 34 old ages of age ( Health Communications and Public Relations, 1997 ) . In this century, the current tobacco users rate was 38.9 per centum, the former tobacco users rate was 11.1 per centum, the ne’er smoked rate was 50 per centum, and the quit ratio for the tobacco users was 22.2 per centum ( CDC, 1998 ) . The ratio of work forces to adult females tobacco users is really close: 42.5 per centum of work forces smoke, compared to 36.8 per centum of adult females ( CDC, 1998 ) .

The smoke rate is highest among those with less than a high school instruction grownup. The tobacco users can lose their occupations, because smoke has do them unhealthy ; 1000000s of working yearss are lost each twelvemonth because of the caused by smoking-related disease.

Smoking in US: Adolescents

The smoke rate is really high in the US, and the adolescent tobacco user s jobs are a really of import portion. For illustration, over 3,000 people under the age of 18 old ages become day-to-day tobacco users every twenty-four hours and more than 6,000 people under the age of 18 old ages old seek their first coffin nail each twenty-four hours ( Tobacco information and bar beginning, 1998-99 ) . Sixty per centum of tobacco users started smoking when they were about 13 old ages old and at least 4.5 million adolescents between 12-17 in the U.S fume coffin nails ( Tobacco information and bar beginning, 1998-99 ) . In the U.S 16.6 million of today s adolescents will go regular tobacco users and about 5 million dice.

Many pupils are tobacco users. In Florida, 27.4 per centum to 25.2 per centum of high school pupils smoke. For female pupils, the smoke rate is from 25.9 per centum to 38.3 per centum, and male pupils from 24.6 per centum to 26.5 per centum.

In Florida, the figure of high school pupils who start smoke has increased from 25.2 % to 27.4 % ( Tobacco information and bar beginning, 1998-99 ) .

Adolescents between 16 to 18 old ages old are heavier tobacco users than adolescent

s between 14 and 16. In the 1998 version of an one-year national study called Monitoring the Future, 35.1 % of 12th graders smoked for all of the past 30 yearss, compared to 27.6 % of 10th graders and 19.1 % of 8th graders ( PIRG, 1999 ) . Harmonizing to FDA Commissioner David Kessler, in a address on March 8, 1995, 29.9 % of seniors in 1993 smoked at least one time within the past 30 yearss were and 19 % smoke day-to-day ( CDC, 1999 ) . In U.S, less instruction, smoking prevalence was highest, but high school graduated, the fume the highest mean figure of coffin nails ( Public Health Service, 1991 ) .

Smoking in US: Immigrants

There are many adolescent immigrant tobacco users in the U.S, such as Chinese, Filipino, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Latino, white, etc. In California, approximately 200 adolescents become regular tobacco users each twenty-four hours. Asiatic adolescents smoking rate from 1993 to 1996 increased over 50 % in CA ( Lew R, Chen A, 1996 ) . In the Asiatic and Pacific Islander Youth Survey, approximately 25 % smoke-cured baccy in the last month. Tobacco usage among recent Asiatic American and Pacific Islander ( AAPI ) immigrant work forces is much higher than in 2nd and 3rd coevals AAPIs ( Public Health Service, 1991 ) . Smoking prevalence is highest for the undermentioned cultural groups: Laotian ( 72 % of males fume ) , Cambodian ( 71 % ) , Vietnamese ( 65 % ) , ( Public Health Service, 1991 ) .

Survey Methods:

We decided to make a study of Galileo H.S pupils to analyze smoking rates in our teenage and immigrant group. In our study, we have 13 inquiries, based on the 1993 San Francisco Unified School District Survey. ( SFUSD, 1993 ) . We asked instructors, advisers, and friends to go through out the study for us. We passed out about 250 studies and got 205 back.

Survey consequences:

The respondents all are Galileo high school pupils. For our population, 29.5 % are 15 old ages old or younger, 49.3 % are 16 or 17 old ages old, and 21.3 % are 18 old ages old or older. There are 54.1 % males and 44.9 % females. The classs of the respondents are as follows: 23.7 % are 9th grade pupils, 24.6 % are 10th grade pupils, 24.6 % are 11th grade pupils, and 26.6 % are 12th grade pupils. The ethnicities of our respondents are: African American ( 3.9 % ) , Cambodian ( 0.5 % ) , Chinese ( 79.7 % ) , Filipino ( 1.9 % ) , Hispanic/Latino ( 2.9 % ) , Vietnamese ( 4.8 % ) , South Asian ( 1.9 % ) , and other ( 3.9 % ) . The Chinese is a immense per centum of our study, because we are concentrating in Chinese immigrants. In our study, 11.6 % of respondents are born in US, 4.3 % of them immigrated less than one twelvemonth ago, 60.4 % immigrated 1-3 old ages ago, 15 % immigrated 4-6 old ages ago, and 9.2 % immigrated more than 6 old ages ago.

27.5 % of respondents had tried smoke coffin nails, 72.5 % of them ne’er smoked. The highest smoke rate is 6.3 % : those who smoked a whole coffin nail for the first clip between the age 11-12 old ages old ( of all respondents ) . The lowest smoke rate is 0.5 % : those who started smoking coffin nails on a regular basis between the age 11-12 old ages old. During the past 30 yearss, 2-5 coffin nails per twenty-four hours is the highest ratio of people who smoke. 1.9 % of the tobacco users will non smoke in the hereafter, 19.8 % of the tobacco users won t attempt fume, that average people feel bad about smoke.


We disaggregated our study into three groups: All Respondents, Chinese Merely and Immigrant Only. Those who foremost tried coffin nails 12 old ages old or younger, the Chinese Only and Immigrant Only groups are lowest: 11.5 % of entire responses compared to 12.1 % for All Respondents. However, the Chinese Only group was highest in those who started smoking on a regular basis 12 old ages old or younger: 7.3 % for Chinese Only, 7.1 % for Immigrants Only and 6.8 % for All Respondents. During the past 30 yearss, 0.6 % of the Chinese Only tobacco users said they smoked the whole month, while 1.9 % of All Respondents and 1.6 % of Immigrant Only did. 2.2 % of the Immigrant Only group said they will seek coffin nails in future, more than Chinese Only ( 1.2 % ) and All Respondents ( 1.9 % ) . But, more Immigrants tried discontinuing smoke ( 9.3 % ) cigarettes than Chinese ( 7.9 % ) or All ( 8.7 % ) .

We compared our study and the consequences of San Francisco Unified School District s 1993 Comprehensive High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey. We ve found a large different per centum for the people who have tried smoke coffin nails. In the SFUSD study, 54 % adolescents tried smoking coffin nail, and 46 % adolescents don t fume, but in our study 27.5 % of adolescents tried smoking coffin nails and 72.5 % Don t fume. From our study, we know that the longer immigrants stay in U.S, the less they smoke. The adolescents smoke has been diminishing a batch ; they know more about how smoking coffin nails is really bad for their lives. We have to halt smoke in the hereafter, and so our universe will be more beautiful.