Teenss And Drugs Essay, Research PaperDan, a 16 twelvemonth old pupil in class 11, was traveling with his friend Elena to see one of his favorite sets, Black Sabbath, in concert. When he got to the metro station where he was run intoing Elena, he looked about and saw that she wasn & # 8217 ; t there yet. He sat down and waited for her.

After a few proceedingss, he felt a pat on his shoulder. He turned around, and saw Elena standing behind him. Oh, Hey, what s up? he said. Nothing, allow s acquire traveling, I don t want to be late she replied. They got on the metro and were on their manner.

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How s school? Dan asked Elena. It s cool, how bout you? she said. Same old, he replied. What are you taking this twelvemonth, she asked. Math, English, and Biology, Dan answered. Advanced? she inquired, Yeah, advanced, he told her. I m taking enriched math, she replied in a tone of mocking. Well aren T you quite the small mastermind, Dan replied sardonically.

When they arrived at their halt, they got off the train and started walking towards the Skydome, which was where the concert was being held. After about 10 proceedingss of walking, they arrived at the Skydome. The doors weren t unfastened yet, so they had to wait in line outside. It s cold Elena said. Well aren T you a bright one, non conveying a coat Dan replied sardonically. Just so the doors opened and they began allowing people in.

When it was their bend to be searched by security, Elena said to Dan I bet your gon na love acquiring frisked, eh? to which Dan replied, Oh yeah, it ll be a dream semen true! They went up to their seats and sat down. They had arrived reasonably early, so the bowl was merely hardly get downing to make full up. After they had been sitting at that place for a piece, the visible radiations all of a sudden went out, and the gap set, The Deftones, started playing. The volume of the music hit Dan like a immense bang of boom, and the visible radiations flashed like changeless work stoppages of lightning. When they had finished their set, Dan turned to Elena and said, What d you think of that? It was amazing! she replied.

/ & gt ;Next in the line-up was Pantera. They started to play shortly after The Deftones finished playing. Equally shortly as they had started playing, Elena put what looked to be a joint in her oral cavity.

Is that what I think it is? Dan asked her. That depends on what you think it is she told him. Drugs? Dan asked carefully. Then yeah, it s what you think it is Elena said back, Are you gon na fume with me? No, I don t do drugs was Dan s answer. Come on, merely one time won t injury you she tried to carry him. No, I ve ne’er done them before, and I don t want to get down now Dan replied more steadfastly this clip. C Monday, its non traveling to ache you, what s incorrect, are you afraid? She mocked him.

Not a opportunity! Fine, I m traveling to turn out to you that I m non afraid to make it Dan said angrily. Elena lit her articulation and started to smoke it. After she had taken a few pulls, she passed it to Dan. Dan looked at the joint and thought to himself, What the snake pit am I making? Finally, he raised it to his lips and was about to take a pull, when all of a sudden he stopped, took it out of his oral cavity, and gave it back to Elena. I m non traveling to make it he said. Fine, suit yourself, more for me, she said. By this clip Pantera had finished playing, and Black Sabbath was about to get down playing.

Dan looked over at Elena and saw that she was looking about as if in a shock. That s why I don t do drugs, he thought to himself. Black Sabbath started playing a few proceedingss subsequently.

They played for about two hours. Afterwards, Dan was believing about the concert, and decided it was the best concert he had of all time seen. On the metro place, Dan and Elena didn t talk much, because Elena was falling asleep. This gave Dan a opportunity to believe about the dark. He decided to ne’er touch drugs, because when he looked at the manner Elena was right now, he knew that he ne’er wanted to be like that. He would ne’er.

He could ne’er. He wouldn t. And that was it, his head was made up. Elena s mother drove Dan place from the metro station. When he got home, Dan collapsed on his bed and fell asleep immediately.