Last updated: June 12, 2019
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Tel-Comm-Tek seems to be great company. In reading this article it shows how the company really cares about the employees by wanting to hire from within. When a company like TCT incorporates those policies and procedures, it makes the employee have more confidence in job security. The company has already proven its stability by maintaining its presence in a trouble market. One thing that troubles me about the article is that it travels back and forth with the time schedule. It starts out referencing the year 2005, about how Steven Jones announced his resignation to return to the United States.

This action caused a hole in the ranks of the company. Then it went into talking about the various products that the company sold worldwide. Then in a few sentences after that it went on to discuss how it opened a new office in New Delhi. This type of writing to me left me trying to figure out how to keep track of what happened in the correct order. I really like the idea that they added a map of India to identify the location of the country. I had no idea that it that close to China. The map was very descriptive in identifying the various offices and plant.

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Also along with the map was a chart identifying some information about the economy and demographics. The chart really gave me a bigger picture of how corporations are making a huge adjustment when trying to open new businesses there. The English language seems to be used throughout the globe in some sort of fashion. But with India have over 14 official languages it would seem difficult to adjust. I guess it would depend on what part of the country you’re in and if you are dealing with a business type of arena.

In the decision making process to fill the vacant position, it looks to me as if the choice will be a difficult one. I feel as if Atasi Das would have a slight edge. She has a lot of experience to bring to the position. She’s a young energetic person with the potential to bring a new vision to the area. Having family in the neighboring surroundings will help her to not worry about some of the family issues that can arrive and to help when she needs to have some down time herself. Overall I think the article was full of detailed information to make a rational decision to fill the gap in the company.