Telemachus Essay, Research PaperThe Odyssey: Telemachus And His DevelopmentThe Odyssey was a great book in which many characters were brought out and developed. The most important development that occured in the heroic poem was the development of Telemachus. Telemachus is a really complex character that Homer develops from get downing to stop. From the beginning when is a mere shadow of his male parent to near the terminal in which he is considered merely as brave. Many factors influence Telemachus as he matures into a adult male.

To get down with his name means & # 8220 ; Far from Battle & # 8221 ; . This was given to him because he was born when the male coevalss of his parents were traveling away to the Trojan War. But the name proves to be dry, for the heroic poem ends with Telemachus taking portion in two conflicts.Not holding any male parent figures as a kid badly effects Telemachus.

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He becomes a cautious, shy and namby-pamby male child who is greatly pampered by his female parent. He is non helped by being the boy of a world-famous father- a hard repute to populate up to. This deficiency of motive and self-asserting behaviour does non assist Telemachus when the suers start eating off at his estate.

Telemachus knows what the suers are making is incorrect but yet does non make anything about it. Telemachus unwisely hopes that his male parent will come and clean up the muss that the suers are to fault for. Telemachus knows that his male parent would manage the state of affairs with the suers in a much more aggressive mode than he does. Odysseus would kill all of them for being unreliable existences, while Telemachus does nil but whimper. Telemachus says & # 8220 ; how his baronial male parent might come back out of the blue, drive the suers headlong from the house, and so recover his loyal awards, and reign over his ain one time more & # 8221 ; ( The Odyssey, Homer, 1980 Oxford University Press, W. Shewring ) ( pg.

17 )It is non till Telemachus receives godly attending that he even begins to maturate in the least spot. Athene has to come in and has to promote and give advise to the immature, immature Telemachus on what to make. Without this he would hold doubtless done perfectly nil about the state of affairs with the suers and/or any intelligence refering his male parents return. Is it so ok to inquire if Telemachus would be a hero at the terminal of the book without Godhead intercession? Should we judge Telemachus on what he was before or after the goddess helped him? Telemachus did non hold a function theoretical account, no male parent figure.

It is likely because of this that we come to hold commiseration for hapless Telemachus and condone that a goddess hadto assist him before he was anybody. In a big manner it is unjust to compare Telemachus with his male parent who besides receives godly attending. Odysseus had a opportunity to turn out himself to the Gods and earned their attending. However, because Telemachus had no male parent he ne’er had the opportunity to turn out himself.During the book it seems that even a goddess, such as Athene, does non cognize what to make with person as incompetent, and inexperienced as Telemachus. Athene toys with some thoughts and so eventually decides to acquire Telemachus to travel to Sparta.

Possibly it is this journey that eventually gives Telemachus a opportunity to maturate and see the universe. Through this journey, Telemachus & # 8217 ; foremost, he sees many new sights and brushs new state of affairss. He is humbled when he sees the castle of Menelaos and his most beautiful married woman Helen. Telemachus learns how to move tactfully with those that he desire to avoid.

This is brought out when he avoids Nestor on his manner back from Sparta. Through a series of events he sees what the universe is approximately. He learns of his milieus and possibly for the first clip in his life interacts with them. The journey to Sparta was really of import in developing Telemachus, nevertheless it is plausible to reason that the journey back from Sparta was a bigger learning event. He faces his biggest obstruction so far in the book, the suers plotting against him. He skilfully avoids a bad destiny with some aid from Athene.By the terminal of this epic a one time diffident, timid, unqualified male child has matured into a thoughtful and courageous adult male that lives up to the bequest of Odysseus. It becomes obviously clear that Telemachus has truly matured when we hear new logic, esthesia, and authorization in his words as he speaks to his female parent shortly before the decease of the suers.

The Odyssey, Homer, 1980 Oxford University Press, W. Shewring ) ( pg. 260 ) It is astonishing that by the terminal Odysseus and his boy fight side by side against the suers. It is clear at this point that the old Telemachus is gone and all that is there is a new brave, bold and thoughtful Telemachus.Homer does a fantastic occupation in maturating Telemachus during the class of this book.

It is delicious to see a immature, foolish male child grow into the proud adult male that he became. Pallas Athene helped acquire the wheels in gesture but it takes true hero to acquire topographic points and maintain the position that he additions. We last see him standing within the accurate order of the kin of Odysseus, when Grandfather Laertes, Odysseus, and Telemachus, all in armour, all supporting the hereditary estate receive the approval of Pallas Athene and of Zeus.