, Research PaperThe actions of a full-blown TelemakhosA Homeric adult male can be defined as person who journeys to different lands and is besides skilled in conflict and council. We have read the old books in which Athena AIDSs Telemakhos with his first measure towards adulthood. Book 18 offers us another position of his transmutation from a male child to a adult male. Telemakhos? conversations with the suers and Penelope uncover his recognition of his present state of affairs and new duties.

The following will analyze the ways in which Telemakhos? actions and address convey his turning into a adult male.When Athena enters the hall in Book 1 we are told that: Telemakhos? was sitting at that place unhappy among the suers, a male child, woolgathering? ( I.144-145 ) 1. This paints an image of a male child, who is incapable of commanding the suers discourtesy of his oikos.

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Since he was raised by his female parent and lacked the counsel of a male parent, Telemakhos was forced to watch the suers consume his cowss and vino, he has ne’er known this Homeric man-hood, yet. In Book 18 this is non the instance. Telemakhos, holding traveled to the places of Nestor and Menalaus, befriending a companion and run intoing his male parent has been exposed to the proper manner in which a house clasp is run. There is ever one adult male in charge and that adult male sees to it that certain patterns are maintained, such as xenia.

This guest host relationship has been ignored in Odysseus? halls. The suers ( the invitees ) have taken it upon themselves to play host as good. We see Telemakhos? effort to recover control in the undermentioned line: ? You have my word as host ; ? ( 18.76 ) .

2 These strong words follow Telemakhos? promise to give the mendicant a one on one battle with no concerns about a suer jumping in. In this instance he is allowing the suers know he is no longer that twenty-four hours woolgathering male child ( 1.145 ) .

3 As Odysseus? confederate, he has begun to command the suer? s cooperation in transporting out his will. In his house the guest? s must obey his regulations.Telemakhos speaks to Penelope about how he was immature and unsighted ( 18.

286 ) .4 He goes on to state that he knows the significance of the suers actions, both good and bad ( 18.285ff ) . 5 The penetration he has gained from sing with working communities is apparent in these lines. Before Telemakhos left his fatherland all he knew was the behavior that the suers surrounded him with. This being so, he still sensed, that it was in fact vulgar behaviour.

We are told in Book 1 that when Mentes comes to the hall Telemakhos has a tabular array set up off from the suers so they wouldn? t spoil Mentes appetency ( 163ff ) . 6 As a male child Telemakhos lacked the resources to rectify the mayhem in his house so he remained a captive in his ain place. He now knows that his house lacked a adult male willing to support his oikos, and has accepted the challenge to make so. The suer? s foolhardy behaviour is no longer traveling to be tolerated.

No longer immature and unsighted, experience and Odysseus? presence, hold given Telemakhos the craft to set up his position as prince and slayer. He will follow in Odysseus? heroic way to man-hood and aid to convey bloody decease to the suer? s eyes.Eurynome, a housekeeper, besides points out Telemakhos? physical adulthood. She tells Penelope, ? already your boy is of the age that you have most prayed to the Gods to see him at, turning a face fungus? ( 18.176-177 ) . 7 Book 18 supplies the reader with intimations of Telemakhos? turning.

His actions, address, and expressions are that of a Homeric adult male, on his manner to derive the warrior position.