Telemakos, Oddyseus & # 8217 ; s Son, And How He Matures Thro Essay, Research PaperTelemakos, Oddyseus & # 8217 ; s boy, and how he matures throughout the narrative & # 8211 ; Oddyseyy HomerThroughout The Odyssey, in books I through IV, Homer, provides many illustrations of the ripening procedure that occurred inTel+makhos. Homer illustrates the development of Tel+makhos+s character, which leads to his going a adult male. He uses Odysseus+s absence fromhis household and the ensuing troubles that this causes to showhow boys mature into immature work forces and confront life. This is anessential portion of the verse form because the ripening subject of the storycan be viewed as every man+s life.

Homer+s determination to get down theOdyssey with Tel+makhos+s development into a adult male is of import becauseit represents the cosmopolitan procedure of a kid going an grownup andtaking his topographic point in the universe with other adults.The development in Tel+makhos+s character is depicted by Homer manytimes, get downing in book I with Homer+s descriptions of the troublingsituation of Odysseus+s married woman and boy. At this clip Tel+makhos is amere male child who is non capable of helping his female parent with the growingproblem of the suitors+ abode, nevertheless, Tel+makhos begins to growup as the books advancement. The job of the suers taking overOdysseus+s house clasp persists for a long clip, and it gets worse andworse. Tel+makhos while turning older and going more mature, isstill diffident how to work out the job that he begins to recognize ashis ain duty. At this point in the verse form, Tel+makhos hasmatured from a male child who observes events that happen to him and aroundhim to a immature adult male get downing to take duty for his household. Goddess Athena chooses to assist Tel+makhos with his quandary. Shesteps in and points him in the right way, and lights a firein his psyche.

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She empowers him to seek for a solution. He startsto mature faster, and he decides to try to solve the job ofthe suers. So he confronts the suers in an assembly, yet hefails to carry the group of them to go forth because they think he isa merely a kid incapable of running a household.Tel+makhos decides non to give up, as any maturating immature grownup mightdo.

As a consequence of his determination non to give up, he chooses toconfront each suer separately. Tel+makhos, he finds thesituation more complex than he originally assumed, and that solvinghis quandary will now be more hard. His female parent Pen+lopX had beenleading them on with her weaving, and they thought that eventuallyone of them could get married her. To Tel+makhos, this became a verycomplex state of affairs, however, he still would non give up seeking tosolve the job.

Now, Tel+makhos knows that these affairs involvemore people, non merely the suers. Hence, he will necessitate aid fromothers go oning his journey in hunt of a solution. Throughout books I through IV, Tel+makhos+s ripening is proven bythe fact that he recognizes that his female parent can non cover with theproblem of the suers by herself. Tel+makhos takes responsibilityfor trying to work out the jobs as adult male of the house in hisfather & # 8217 ; s absence. Tel+makhos besides shows his development byattempting to face the suers as a group, and facing themindividually, so detecting that his female parent has been taking themon.Each clip he attempts to face the suers he fails, but eachtime he fails, he decides non to give up.

Through this series ofattempts and failures, he additions much more cognition of thecomplexities of the job his household faces. This understandingleads him by the terminal of book IV to recognize he can non work out theproblem by himself and he must seek the aid of others. Inthis manner, through the four books, he has gone from a male child to a youngman in the manner that every adult male searches through the troubles ofchildhood and becomes an grownup.