Last updated: May 26, 2019
Topic: BusinessMarketing
Sample donated:

50. Outbound telemarketing is used

a. quite frequently but in commission selling only.
b. Because it works and it is cost-effective
c. For selling consumer products only
d. As a primary tool for missionary salespeople.

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Telemarketing (also known as Telephone Marketing)

Outbound telemarketing is the process of telephoning potential customers from a targeted list of names (database).

Inbound telemarketing is where respondents reply to a telephone number, usually as a response to a mailer or an advertisement.

Outbound telemarketing is particularly appealing to businesses whose salespeople have traditionally made outside sales calls. It reduces the cost per contact, increases the number of contacts that can be made per day or week, and still retains the human element. Computerized databases of prospects and automated predictive dialers can further extend the potential number of contacts a telemarketer can make. Outbound calls can be used to canvass for new business, follow up former customers, and contact new leads.

Outbound calls present an ideal marketing situation in which the telemarketer has the undivided attention of the prospect and can get immediate feedback. At the same time, the limited window of opportunity requires that the sales person establish rapport and trust quickly, listen carefully, and provide clear information. Success in outbound sales is related to product knowledge and presentation skills and, thus, can be enhanced by training.