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Telepathy Essay, Research Paper

TELEPATHY Introduction

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The purpose of this probe is to statistically

analyse the consequences of telepathy trials run on a

choice of people to find whether

none/one/some/all of them poses telepathic powers.

These consequences could be used as a representative sample

of other similar people.

The choice of people will be kids, all 16 or 17

old ages old, from a farther mathematics category. These

kids are similar in age and assumed to be

likewise intelligent. A group of people similar in

these features has been chosen, so this group

could be used as a representative sample of other

similar people.

The sample size will be 10 people big, as this

should be big plenty to demo if any of them have

telepathic powers compared to the remainder. This size

should besides be big plenty to demo if farther

probe into this group of society about their

telepathic powers should be considered, should some of

them exhibit telepathic powers. This size should besides

be big plenty to find whether the “ sender ”

( see below ) , possesses telepathic powers.

A individual will take card from a battalion of cards and will

expression at it, while non allowing anyone but him/her to

position the card. Another individual will so province what

suit they think the card is, bosom, diamond, nine or

spade. Whether they got the suit right or incorrect will

be recorded.

This probe will seek and find whether any

people in the group can have telepathic messages,

and so the individual sing the card & # 8211 ; the “ transmitter ” ,

will be the same individual throughout the probe.

This means that the telepathic “ directing ” ability of

the individual sing the card is besides tested. When

looking at the consequences from the group as a whole, the

telepathic powers of the transmitter can be analysed, while

looking at single consequences of people seeking to

received messages will give an thought as to their ain

telepathic powers.

Each individual will seek and have the suit of 20 cards,

as this size appears to be a big adequate set of trials

to find whether the topic has any telepathic

abilities. The card will be picked from a shuffled

battalion of cards, in instance any meddling has been


The consequences of the trial will be compared to a binomial

theoretical account that assumes that the suit that the receiving system

choices is picked at random ( that the receiving system or

sender has no telepathic powers ) . This

distribution theoretical account requires the events to be

independent of each other. Certain safeguards must be

taken to guarantee this. The topic must non be told

whether or non they got a suit right or incorrect, as this

may impact their following reply. Besides, the topic must

non be able to see the sender, as this may besides

impact their reply, as the sender & # 8217 ; s look

may give an thought to whether they stated the correct


The mean and standard divergence will be calculated

from the existent informations, and from the binomial theoretical account, so

they can be compared. They can so be compared to see

if there are any important differences that could

average telepathic powers are present.


Person No of right Answers

1 6

2 8

3 8

4 2

5 3

6 8

7 6

8 6

9 9

10 9

Number of right replies 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Frequency 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 2

Calculations Using Data

Let x be figure of right replies


Standard Deviation

Binomial Model

The binomial chance theoretical account can be calculated from

the undermentioned expression, where given Ns tri

ALSs of an

event, the chance of R happenings of an result

that has a chance P happening at each test.

To cipher the chance distribution for the set

of telepathy trials, presuming that the opportunity of each

capable saying the right card is & # 188 ; , and there are

20 trials run on each topic, the expression is


Using this expression, the chance distribution for

right saying the suit of card is as follows,

where Ten is the figure of suits right chosen.

ten P ( ten )

0 3.1712 ten 10-3

1 2.1141 ten 10-2

2 6.6695 ten 10-2

3 1.1339 ten 10-1

4 1.8969 ten 10-1

5 2.0233 ten 10-1

6 1.6861 ten 10-1

7 1.1241 ten 10-1

8 6.0887 ten 10-2

9 2.7061 ten 10-2

10 9.9223 ten 10-3

11 3.0068 ten 10-3

12 7.5169 ten 10-4

13 1.5419 ten 10-4

14 2.5699 ten 10-5

15 3.1712 ten 10-6

16 3.5693 ten 10-7

17 2.7994 ten 10-8

18 1.5552 ten 10-9

19 5.4570 ten 10-11

20 9.0949 ten 10-13


The mean of this chance distribution can be

calculated therefore:

Standard Deviation


The mean of the existent informations is 30 % higher than the mean

of the chance distribution. There could be

several grounds for this. It could intend that the

sender has some telepathic powers. It could intend

that many of the people in the group to have

messages are telepathic. It could be a combination of


However the standard divergence for the trial information is

about 18 % higher than for the chance

theoretical account. This means that there is a higher spread, that

there are more consequences further from the mean than

there would be if the topics were merely thinking

the suit. This does propose that some of the topics

that could hold possessed telepathic powers were non

acquiring the right suit right on intent. To set it

merely, they were “ contending ” the messages they were

sent. It could besides intend that the sender could

have been directing them wrong messages.

I think that informations doesn & # 8217 ; t show that anyone in the trial

had any highly important telepathic powers. The

highest figure of right cards in the trial was 9.

This happened twice. This is rather an unlikely

event ; the chance of such an event go oning

one time, is 0.027061. However, as there are so many

things that could go on & # 8211 ; from acquiring 0 right to

acquiring all 20 right, they are all unlikely, merely

some are more likely than others.

Here I have found I have contradicted myself. The mean

and standard divergence show that some of the people

hold telepathic powers, but looking at the information they

Don & # 8217 ; t. I think this is because this trial was badly

limited. The consequences of the trial could hold been

random, and the mean and standard divergence simple

“ go on ” to be higher. I think that the trial was far

to short and the trial group excessively little to be certain of

any telepathic powers. A future trial should prove each

individual more and inquire him or her to place more suits

of cards. The transmitter would hold to be tested more

besides, and seek and convey more cards to more people.

To do certain that this group of people doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have

telepathic powers within it, they should all be

topic to longer trials, as this will corroborate whether

they have telepathic powers or non.

A big restriction of this trial was make up one’s minding whether

the consequences show if it is the transmitter, or the receiving systems

that were telepathic. This could be done by doing the

receiving systems try and receive messages from a choice of

people, and analyzing the consequences to happen which people

were the best senders.