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Telepathy Essay, Research Paper

Telepathy or mind reading is the transmittal of ideas from one homo to another human by means other than the organic structures physical senses. Telepathy besides implies that we have feeling capablenesss other than the physical senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. Which enable us to feel and comprehend the mental ideas and feelings of another individual, in other words we have something people like to name paranormal perceptual experience ( ESP ) abilities. In Interrupting the Light Barrier Using Telepathy it states the root word & # 8220 ; tele & # 8221 ; is from the Grecian word significance far off or distance and the root word & # 8220 ; pathy & # 8221 ; is from the Grecian word significance to experience, so hence telepathy would intend to experience something from a distance. Some people think that thought transference is a fraud and that it could ne’er go on, while others think the people merely know each other really good and can foretell what the other will make or state. Still others think it can and does go on every twenty-four hours. This paper will look at many points of position and how many people are fooled into believing in thought transference.

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Telepathy expresses itself in many ways but as a whole it must be understood in position. The chief agencies of telepathy communicating can be described utilizing feelings, esthesiss and images. It is the encephalon of the receiving system that learns to tie in, perchance even with words, with a peculiar esthesis and feeling and imagination introduced into an interaction ( 3 ) . It can take old ages to accommodate to telepathy, it does non go on merely like that. Along the manner many experiences appear common to those who adapt to telepathy in some manner. The experiences are extremely single due to the fact that the human encephalon in everyone is single and distinguishable as a human fingerprint.

In a seminar on thought transference by William B. Robertson, he stated that thought transference is non something passed onto a individual like a scientific discipline or textbook survey. It is something that every individual has the ability to make merely as a kid has the ability to speak. The kid must larn how to speak with the air, the pharynx, and the sounds, while to be telepathic a individual must larn how to visualise what they want to set into words instead so talk them.

Telepathy is one symptom to bespeak mental upsets which makes it difficult to research it good. This is what may go on, a individual who has lived in a childhood environment that is non ideal, such as one parent was systematically opprobrious, shops the defeat and choler of their childhood in an country of the cerebral mantle in a peculiar & # 8220 ; nervous web & # 8221 ; . Up to about the age of 25 ( this may change from individual to individual ) the immature encephalon which is still developing is strong plenty to incorporate such pent-up feelings in a nervous web. After the age of 25 nevertheless the natural defence mechanism may get down to interrupt down and the effect is & # 8220 ; inner ideas & # 8221 ; that can be really loud and may look as telepathy. These ideas are the discharges of built up emotional energy in such a nervous web.

Due to the nature of such angry emotions, the encephalon does non desire to tie in these with the images that caused them, about every portion of the encephalon will protect itself against such a nervous web ( 5 ) . The consequence is the nervous web efforts to happen a manner to be accepted. If the nervous web can convert the mind that it is & # 8220 ; telepathy & # 8221 ; , so a manner exists for the interior tenseness to be released. In some instances this will work, in others it will non and it can do confusion or mental unwellness. In most instances the person in the state of affairs consults a medical physician who will so give out a list of psychologists who can cover with the affair and assist the person through the period of accommodation ( 5 ) .

However, in a individual that adapts good to telepathy and has non had an intense and far from ideal experience in their life may hold the mental imagination with considerable activity to feel things. Telepathy by definition can non be practiced entirely, one time a individual begins to feel things and the encephalon adapts, they will be able to pass on with others and pull off their endowment ( 7 ) . It is improbable to of all time happen out who can pass on or interact with others through thought transference. What is indispensable to pass on through the head to a group of people is that a individual must larn the difference between their wondering ideas and proper thought transference. In a group state of affairs it helps a individual to larn more about others and how they have lived.

Telepathy is non every bit inactive as our physical environment ( 8 ) . To understand why that is a individual needs to hold an penetration into the human encephalon. Our encephalon is more than one encephalon, it is chiefly two distinguishable encephalons, the left and right intellectual hemispheres. These work together but have different undertakings. After a clip of utilizing peculiar telepathy scenes the imagination of the right cerebral hemisphere adapts to visualising and is converted to feeling by the left cerebral hemisphere. That means that the image is no longer a life-like scene but can be accompanied by a rich flow of feelings ( 10 ) . When this happens some new mental scenes must be developed to see that good visual image can be achieved. Telepathy is a more energetic sort of environment, the environment must alter, but the cardinal rules ever remain the same, this is needed in utilizing telepathy good.

Another of import factor to appreciate is that all worlds are different from one another. Every human encephalon is different in visual aspect merely is our face is different, the lone exclusion are natural familial twins. This difference means that each individual can organize somewhat different emotions during a telepathy interaction. This will ensue is personal likes and disfavors, one individual may wish one transmittal while person else hates it. One individual can do out a image while another is merely confused by the idea.

Some people think that thought transference is merely an altered province of consciousness which means that the individual would be kiping, woolgathering, in a enchantment, under hypnosis, in centripetal want provinces, or deep relaxation. These are the same symptoms of a individual who is holding an out of organic structure experience or person who is about to decease and is revived merely to believe the were on their manner to heaven. None of which can be proven but people seem to lodge by what they think they saw. What right do others hold to state it is non existent? Many people want to believe things from the beyond possibly even adequate to do another existence where no 1 can state them they are incorrect. Some genuinely think that the transferring messages is possible but they besides may be the 1s in mental establishments for three old ages.

There was an experiment performed to prove the telepathic powers of Daniel Thompson. Daniel was tested by a physician who had been working with him for a piece and had discovered that Daniel had mental powers. Dr. Chris French, an experimental psychologist was about to execute the largest telepathy trial of all time. The purpose of this experiment was for Daniel to convey a figure between 1and 50 to an audience. Daniel was locked in an isolation box with a sealed envelope incorporating the figure that he would convey. Dr. French explained that Daniel was traveling to convey a figure under 50, incorporating two figures, both being odd and non the same. Viewing audiences were asked to phone in the first figure they thought of. The consequences were shown subsequently in the plan. Merely eight Numberss satisfied the standards set by Dr. French: 13 ; 15 ; 17 ; 19 ; 31 ; 35 ; 37 ; 39 and the bulk of calls received ( 34 % ) voted for the figure 37. However the figure was 19. But the experiment was a success because Daniel Thompson was an histrion and Dr. French expected the bulk of people to take 37. In fact the experiment was designed non to prove thought transference, but to prove for the population stereotypes that bogus telepaths use to gull their audience. Thirty-seven is a popular stereotype every clip the trial is performed the bulk of people choose 37 in the same manner that most people think carrot

when asked to believe of a vegetable, or ruddy when asked to believe of a colour. Fake telepaths use their cognition of these stereotypes to convert people that they can truly convey a message ( 5 ) .

Telekinesis is the conjectural influence of the head on affair without the usage of any known physical or centripetal agencies. This straight relates to telepathic powers in the fact that they both use the head to make things that are unexplained. The participants in telekinesis experiments tend to be normal, mundane people who have volunteered to assist with an experiment. The bulk do non claim to hold any astonishing psychic abilities or experiences, nor do they needfully subscribe to any peculiar belief system, some even have a strong incredulity in the possibility. Typically, participants will be asked to watch some feedback show to see what is expected in the mark system s activity. Depending on the format of the experiment they may be told inside informations about the mark system itself, or they may merely be asked to seek to impact the feedback show. What scheme the participant employs in their effort to be successful besides depends on the peculiar experiment. In some instances they may be asked to travel through some relaxation exercisings and so to passively conceive of the show altering as they wish. In others they may be asked to acquire exited as possible frequently stating the show how it should be moving.

Another experiment anyone can make is to take two people, closely related, ideally parent and kid and have one of the people go to kip. When the individual falls asleep the other individual should depict an image or things that the individual is making, like walking on the beach or looking at the sky. When they awaken inquire what they dreamt about during the dark. Before the experiment is done be certain the slumberer is willing. Besides do non discourse what is traveling to be told to them until after the consequences are recorded. When they are depicting the dream to the slumberer they should be out of earreach or some music could be played to forestall eavesdropping. Last the individual ordering the dream should speak about the dream softly to themself and no 1 else.

For a long clip it has been said that the environment and psychic abilities have been linked ( 2 ) . Psychic abilities work better at certain sites, at different moon-phases and at dark instead than during the twenty-four hours. People talk about good and bad ambiances, hauntings are associated with cold musca volitanss and cryptic zephyrs but, until comparatively late the function of the environment had non been considered in psychic phenomena.

One facet of the environment is the geomagnetic field ( GMF ) . It has late been the focal point of several surveies around the universe, looking at a possible relationship between the activity of the field and psychic abilities. Although the existent relationship remains ill-defined surveies have systematically shown that paranormal perceptual experience seems to be more effectual at times when GMF is comparatively quiet. There have been fewer and less consistent surveies looking at a telekinesis relationship, but some writers seem to demo that the active GMF is associated with a good telekinesis public presentation. Some research workers are sing other environmental variables, runing from the ion concentration in the air to the current lunar stage ( 12 ) . One of the jobs with surveies looking at this subject is that there is no clear thought as to what mechanism ( s ) could account for a psychic ability environment relationship. Broadly the possibilities are 1. That the physical characteristic being studied somehow interacts with, or composes, the mechanism underlying psychic abilities 2. That the environment has some direct consequence on human psychological science that straight or indirectly affects psychic abilities.

The history on this planet has been one of secretiveness and involved with spiritual or occult patterns. Many people have narratives of people with mental powers to read the head, mental powers to pass on ideas to others over a distance, mental powers to wake others up in the center of the dark with a disclosure, or narratives of people hearing voices. Not all of these are telepathy, because people can conceive of these things, but some may perchance be telepathy. Besides most people have heard narratives of some female parent that knew her kid was in problem, or person who knew a brother, sister, or household member wished to reach them and they merely knew it. So they call the individual on the phone and state, & # 8220 ; I was merely believing about you. & # 8221 ; What does this intend? This means that there is a linking line, a line that joins two people. Therefore there has been some communicating along that line. This rarely occurs and is frequently called & # 8220 ; adult female s intuition & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; gut feelings & # 8221 ; instead so telepathy.

This experiment will prove to see if people can read the heads of others. This experiment will be tested with Zener cards which in this instance are homemade. Zener cards have symbols like stars, circles, trigons, consecutive lines, and wavy lines all of which are colored or non colored. The examiner will look at the image on the card and conceive of the form in their head. Then the topic will be asked what they see, they will non be told if they are right or incorrect the following card will merely be held up and they will be asked once more what they see. The topic will non be able to alter their head since they may be thinking at what the card is. The examiner will enter what the topic said they saw, this will be repeated for all eight forms. The last thing that will be asked is if they really think they saw the forms or if they were merely thinking what the cards had on them, if they say they were thinking the image it could still hold been transferred to their head without them cognizing so the consequences from them will non be thrown out. This will be done on 10 males and 10 females from the ages of 14-45. The order of the cards will be changed from individual to individual so that when one individual gets their mark they can non state which 1s they got right. The topic will be told before manus what shapes they have the pick of stating. This will be a one on one experiment with no 1 else in the room to deflect the examiner or the topic.

The stuffs used in this experiment were as follows

+ eight 3 & # 215 ; 5 cards

+ markers

+ people to be tested

+ pencils

+ paper

+ a examiner

The predicted result of this experiment is that people can non read heads in this state of affairs. Besides it is hypothesized that they will hold guessed it what is on the cards even if they got the right replies.

The information from this experiment is as follows,

Merely two people said they could see what was on the cards # 4 and # 12 all the remainder said the were thinking for what was on the cards.

In decision, even though many people believe that head reading is existent this experiment has shown that people can non read heads. Even though this is merely one trial and it does non prove all people it has proven the hypothesis, because even though one individual got all the forms on the cards correct they stated that they were merely thinking. If the examiner were another individual the consequences may hold come out different because the other individual may be able to convey messages while the one giving this trial evidently could non. It can non be explained how capable 10 got all the cards right but said they were merely thinking.

After believing it over it was decided that the experiment would be done with another examiners and more topics. The experiment was done the same manner with the same cards. Three of the trial topics said they could see the cards they were Numberss 7, 16, 23.

In decision to the 2nd experiment one individual could perchance read heads while the remainder merely guessed at the cards. Once once more it was found that people can non read heads despite the privation to cognize what others are believing.