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Telescreens And Technology In 1984 Essay, Research Paper

Through out George Orwells 1984, the usage of telescreens is really efficient and effectual for the Party. On the other manus it plays a really difficult function on our chief character, Winston. Through out the novel, he lives in fright of the telescreen and is finally taken by the mighty power that is the Party, all in aid by the telescreen. The alert oculus of the telescreen is non totally fiction though, in many topographic points it all ready exists.Winston is a worker who & # 8217 ; s occupation is to alter history to do certain that its & # 8220 ; rectify & # 8221 ; by the Parties criterions. He meets a lovely girl Julia and falls in love. They together try to happen life and felicity together, and besides they want to happen the opposition, or the group of people that they figured existed that will assist see the terminal of the Party and Big Brother himself. In the hunt for the opposition something goes awfully incorrect for them, and at that place discovered. After hebdomads or months of eternal anguish they are slit up, reconditioned and released once more as good small Party members. All of this can be traced back to the use of the telescreen. & # 8221 ; A male security guard uses shop surveillance cameras to whizz in on the cleavage of an unsuspicious gross revenues director & # 8221 ; ( Hancock 1995, 1 ) Are Americans willing to allow authorities jab its lens into their concern if it means more streets are safe? Can Americans liv

e with the fact of being watched 24 hours a day to make sure there all in line and doing what there supposed to? Its as if Big Brother were here himself. Technology is improving day by day. As the electronic eyes shrink in size, Big Brother grows even bigger. (Hancock 1995, 1) Cameras can turn into instruments of abuse, even to effectiveness of telescreens that did in Winston and many of his kind. The wired society is a creeping phenomenon because there are no regulations or laws to protect against video surveillance. (Hancock 1995, 2) Our poor character Winston was subject to a harsher type of surveillance than what has been seen, but with no regulation the possibilities are very real that a system that did the work on the people of Big Brother can exist in our society today. George Orwell amazingly portrayed a anti-utopian world in witch everyone was caught up by the strong possibility that there being watched, and if/when they foul up, there next in line to be reconditioned. Even Winston knew the great power of surveillance as he set his features into the expression of quiet optimism which it was advisable to wear when facing the telescreen. (Orwell 1950, 8) And he also knew that the hidden eyes and ears can quickly and efficiently remind you that “YOU ARE THE DEAD” (Orwell 1950, 182) The power portrayed in this novel can only come from and be maintained by the power of surveillance.

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