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Television Depiction Of Family Life Essay, Research Paper

Changes in the Family

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Ross T. Crooks

October 22, 2000

Over the past 50 old ages, the traditional construction of the household has evolved enormously. The function of each member has changed in many ways. This creates an wholly different chemical science within the household. In the 1950? s, the traditional household was composed of a male parent, female parent, and the kids that they created within the matrimony. The male parent was normally the martinet and fiscal supplier for the household. The female parent? s occupation was to remain at place and raise the kids while maintaining the house in working order. It is now highly common to see both parents working to back up the household financially. Womans are going more active in the workplace and some work forces are even remaining place to take attention of the childs. This development is being depicted often in the media today. Movies and telecasting shows now contain many different types of households. These shows accurately depict the alterations that are presently taking topographic point in household life around the universe.

One telecasting show today that possesses the traditional household construction is? Home Improvement. ? This is a comedic situation comedy about a adult male, a adult female, and their three male childs. The male parent works as the host of a telecasting show which teaches people how to reconstruct their places. He fits many common male stereotypes in that he is really interested in tools and hot rod autos. The male parent is besides provides the bulk of the household? s income. The female parent works portion clip in a library and attends college. Although she has a occupation and other involvements, she assumes the function of the homemaker and female parent besides. This telecasting show accurately portrays the traditional household of the early 20th century. The male parent acts as the major fiscal supplier for the household and he is besides the martinet. He assumes the stereotyped fatherlike function by learning his male childs? masculine? activities such as edifice things and playing athleticss. However, the female parent does non move in a completely traditional function. She attends college, which is non common for a married woman. She besides works portion clip at a library in order to complement her hubby & # 8217 ; s wage. This type of show sends a message to adult females that they are now able to prosecute their ain desires and are no longer limited to their function as a housewife.

? Full House? is a telecasting show that presents an wholly different position of household life. Bob Saget plays the male parent of three teenage misss, populating in a house with two other grown work forces. One of these work forces, Jesse, is the misss uncle ( their female parent? s brother ) , and the other, Joey, is a friend of the male parent. The male parent works full clip and provides for his misss. Due to his calling, he is non ever around to actively rear them. Joey and Jesse are left to make much of the parenting. This is an illustration of a non-traditional individual parent household. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that the male parent has detention of the misss. It is more common for the female parent to derive detention of the kids after the separation of the parents. This popular situation comedy demonstrates the drastic alteration in household construction of our times. A few decennaries ago, this type of household was really rare and was non widely accepted by society.

Many different types of households are portrayed in films besides. ? Honey I Shrunk the Kids? is one such illustration. Although the household in this film is really uneven, they are a authoritative illustration

of a atomic household. The household is composed of merely four members. These smaller households became more popular due to the industrial revolution. The male parent works as an discoverer and provides for the household, while the female parent is a stereotyped housewife. They are the biological parents of a adolescent boy and girl. The male parent is the exclusive fiscal supplier for the household, and the female parent takes attention of the house while raising the kids. This type of household was really common in the mid-twentieth century due to fiscal grounds. During the agricultural epoch it was profitable to hold many kids so they could assist with the work load. Once states became industrialised, the excess aid was non necessary for endurance, and kids became a fiscal load for their parents. The household in? Honey I Shrunk the Kids? is a good illustration of this alteration.

My concluding illustration of a household in the media is a really dysfunctional and non-traditional household. This is the household in the play? What? s Eating Gilbert Grape? . The household is composed of a female parent and four kids. In this unusual state of affairs, Gilbert, the oldest male child, to the full supports the household financially. His male parent committed suicide while the kids were still immature. The Mother is unable to work due to her fleshiness. She has really small input on the manner that the household maps. The Mother is fundamentally a load to the household because she is unable to assist in any manner, but she drains the household income. Amy, the oldest sister, acts as a female parent figure to the younger kids and nurtures them. Arnie, who celebrates his 18th birthday during the movie, is both a fiscal and emotional load for the household. He is badly mentally handicapped, and the other kids must invariably supervise his actions. Ellen is the youngest kid at 15 old ages of age. She expresses her displeasure with her household state of affairs throughout the film. It becomes obvious that there is a batch of emotional emphasis due to the Mother and Arnie.

This is a really unusual household state of affairs that is depicted in a really realistic mode. Gilbert has a enormous sum of emphasis put on him to supply for his household. It is hard for him to set to his function as the household supplier, due to his immatureness. However, he is forced to accept this function in order to back up his loved 1s. The state of affairs is besides really taxing on Amy, the oldest sister. While she has other involvements and aspirations, she is stuck at place taking attention of her household. Although this household state of affairs is really rare, it represents the increasing figure of dysfunctional households today. It besides shows the enormous sum of emphasis that can be placed on the kids in these types of households.

The assorted household constructions presented by the media depict the cosmopolitan alterations taking topographic point within the place. As society increases its tolerance, households are no longer pressured to suit into a specific stereotype. These alterations in the place are mostly due to the altering functions of adult females in society. Womans are now encouraged to go educated and pursue callings of their pick. This is taking to altering household constructions as female parents leave the place and acquire occupations. They key to these alterations is social tolerance. Now that many different types of households are socially acceptable, household members are free to prosecute their aspirations. It has become obvious over the past few decennaries, that with communicating and apprehension, healthy households can be found in all different forms and sizes.