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In our society, we like to believe of the telecasting as nil more of a signifier of amusement. But do we truly believe that? Possibly when telecasting was foremost introduced, that is all that it was. That surely is non the instance today. It tells us what to purchase, what to have on, how to move, even how to believe. In other words, people are trusting excessively much on telecasting as a beginning of information.

There are really few telecasting Stationss that are black oriented. This hurts inkinesss because it causes them to lose race pride and to conform. More and more, they lose their pride and get down taking in more information that whites provide to them. On telecasting, there are white adult females with consecutive, light-haired hair, bantam olfactory organs, and a scraggy figure. This is the? worst kind of Americanism? ( Early, 225 ) . When a black adult female straightens her hair, this is because she thinks that she will look better if she does this. But who tells her this? The commercials on telecasting that now have black adult females who do non look so black any longer. This connects to one of the essays that I read by saying, ? when offered a pick between a black doll and a white doll, small black miss constantly chose the white doll because they thought it? prettier? ? ( Early, 226 ) . This causes psychological harm to black misss because they will ne’er believe they are reasonably plenty until they are white. Toni Morrison writes,

? Adults, older misss, stores, magazines, newspapers, window marks & # 8212 ; -all

the universe had agreed that a bluish eyed, yellow-haired, pink-skinned doll

was what every miss treasured. ? ( Early, 225 )

They took this information in from things merely like telecasting, which are all run by Whites in a white universe.

Television is get downing to acquire better for inkinesss in some ways, but besides even worse. There are Stationss that are non seeking to unify the inkinesss and travel in front. Black Entertainment Television is a really good illustration of seeking to unify the black community. Just expression at the rubric of the station. If you are black, you are much more likely to tune into B.E.T. than if you were any other race. So this station knows what their followers is, and through shows on their station and commercials, they try to acquire inkinesss to believe the manner the station wants them to believe. For illustration, I saw a commercial on B.E.T. about the presidential election, but alternatively of including both the democratic symbol ( donkey ) and the republican symbol ( elephant ) , they merely included the donkey. This is stating the viewing audiences that the lone pick for inkinesss is Democrats ; the Republicans have nil to offer them. This is good because it helps the inkinesss to unify and all make the same pick, but it bothers me more because I feel that inkinesss should research the issues and do a pick for themselves, non merely listen to what the telecasting is stating them. This hurts inkinesss because it has them non believing for themselves.

Paige is person who I had known for a long clip. She lived across the street from me of all time since I was five and we have stayed close friends the whole clip. I ever thought that she was really reasonably, but she thought otherwise. She felt that her olfactory organ was excessively long, and it made her expression ugly. I could understand why she thought this because all you of all time see on commercials and manner shows is beautiful adult females with bantam small olfactory organs and they were considered beautiful. She did non look at anything other than those theoretical accounts on Television as being reasonably. She felt she would neve

R find the right cat for her because her olfactory organ would turn them off. I know this sounds pathetic, but she truly believed it, and nil would alter her thought unless she had a nose occupation. In Jaclyn Geller? s essay, ? The Celebrity Bride as Culture Icon? she stresses the fact that gender is playing excessively of import of a function in love. One line is, ? Her garb is that of a modern-day bride envisioned as a dependant, sexual toy. ? ( Geller, 280 ) Paige did non experience like she could be a dependent, sexual plaything with her olfactory organ, and felt she would experience more feminine if she got the nose occupation. She ended up acquiring the nose occupation because she felt that this would be the lone manner to experience better. It made her experience better for a piece, but it was merely a affair of clip before she started to happen something else incorrect with her that did non do her feel feminine. Possibly if she had looked at other happy people that are married and care for each other, and that when it comes down to it, it does non count how good looking a individual is, its what sort of individual they are. Television distorted Paige? s image of what she wanted to be, a happy adult female.

Television is a broad minded beginning of information. Almost all of the intelligence Stationss are broad and because of this, they try to acquire you to believe the manner that they think. For illustration, when the sexual personal businesss with Bill Clinton started to originate, the media tried to understate the whole event. Television Stationss did non desire their viewing audiences to believe that the broad president was a bad adult male ; they tried to state that he was a great president and this personal and private issue should non impact our sentiment of him. But the truth is that his life is non private at all, particularly when he does this with a colleague, which in many offices would acquire you fired. He besides has a married woman, who seemed bothered by this but did non truly talk up against her hubby. He besides deceived the American people ; he lied to us on national telecasting stating that he did non hold sexual dealingss with Miss Lewinsky. Then when he was caught in a prevarication, the media tried stating that he did non truly lie, he merely twisted the truth. Now what I want to cognize is how can we as a society trust the state? s leader, when he can non maintain his bloomerss on during the class of his working day in an office that we pay for him to work in, non rip off on his married woman. I feel that excessively many people watched merely the telecasting when the Clinton dirt was traveling on and merely maintain ptyalizing out what the broad intelligence Stationss were stating them. There are many things that people do non cognize about this instance that leads me to believe why they tried stating it was no large trade. They were embarrassed about Clinton, and telecasting said it was no large trade, so to many, it wasn? T.

In decision, I believe that in our society today telecasting has become excessively of import to us. It is non used for the initial intent. It is now used to seek to acquire you to believe the manner they want you to. It seems that we have lost an involvement in looking up information ourselves and holding our ain sentiment. We want telecasting to state us what is right and incorrect, and this is why many inkinesss are non going more independent, they are watching Television and amalgamation in that manner. This is why people like Paige feel inadequate, and feel like they will ne’er look every bit good as the theoretical accounts on Television unless they go and get their face fixed in surgery, which I feels takes off people? s originality. What we need to make as a society is to halt holding the Television an about manner of life and convey it back to merely another sort of amusement, non political relations.