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Television Is Like Chewing Gum Essay, Research Paper

The aureate age of telecasting is a clip when telecasting united the state as a whole. It reflected the manner of life for a bulk of Americans. The standard manner Americans lived during this epoch involved a strong sense of values and ethical motives. The constructions and relationships of telecasting linked people to a community and that fulfilled their societal nature.

The viewing audiences of telecasting in the 1950ss and 1960ss held similar beliefs to what the sitcoms portrayed. The plans that were available to see reenforce their criterions. There were non a immense assortment of different shows to watch as is today. Television was reasonably new in the 1950ss and although overseas telegram had been discovered in 1948 it was non readily accessible to all families ( Cashmore 121 ) . The shows that were available were wholesome and lighthearted. The content of these shows were household oriented and were besides worlds of mundane life. Yes, comedy was utilised and people were entertained but in a tasteful signifier. Television of this clip generated many number ones and historical minutes. It has been said that the aureate age is the clip telecasting genuinely evolved. Since household bonds were strong and people merely enjoyed being together telecasting was merely a manner to loosen up and bask each other s company. Unexpectedly the American state was in for a large surprise. Television would alter the lives of people from here on out. It was astonishing how people could see society and the universe around them from there populating suites.

One of the most extremist thoughts that telecasting presented, was comedy. I Love Lucy was the most popular Television show of all clip. The ground, I love Lucy bases above all the remainder is because it was the first show, were the ace was a adult female. The I Love Lucy show was the first for many things on telecasting. Lucy was the first situation comedy to go a hit, the first show to do figure one three old ages in a row, and the first show to be produced unrecorded in Hollywood. Lucy s popularity lasted through the greatest alteration in the perceptual experience of adult females in America. Women in America at that clip bonded with Lucy. She attempted to get down her ain concern, acquire out of the house, wear work forces s apparels and do her hubby appreciate her more. Lucy portrayed something of import about adult females. Womans expressed themselves otherwise than work forces ; they focus more on emotion, seek consensus non struggle and unwrap more of themselves in conversation. Early Television situation comedies were far closer to stand up comedy so they are today. This manner of comedy bordered pragmatism and that is what made the shows entertaining. ( Stark 27 ) Lucy was merely one situation comedy of the many that shaped Television. Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, and Father Knows Best were besides history devising shows. The being of these plans may non hold lasted really long but definetely reflected the attitudes of the decennaries. After I love Lucy, webs abandoned thoughts of doing situation comedies starring adult females. They were afraid Lucy s abandon would be violative. Women weren Ts supposed to move in this mode and it might get down to alter their attitudes. ( Stark 28 ) Is it possible telecasting characters could really alter form the function of American people?

Another first for America in the 1950ss was the presentation of intelligence. The primary beginning of intelligence was fundamentally newspapers and magazines. The first existent viewable intelligence event was Movietone News. It was aired in sections before films and it was the first show to capture interrupting intelligence from all over the universe. ( Barnouw 55 ) In 1951 its competition would be a show called ( See it Now ) on CBS. Edward R. Murrow was the observer for the docudramas on See it Now. Murrow was the frequenter saint of telecasting intelligence. He confronted Senator Joseph McCarthy in one of the mediums more famed minutes. Murrows brave airing reached many people with great impact. See it Now premiered on Sunday afternoons in1951. Peoples were impressed with the shows ocular images. It was the first clip Americans could see two oceans and the statue of Liberty from their life room. Although this was telecastings liveliest intelligence show it caused great contentions. This shortly reflected Morrows evaluation and CBS had already begun researching new options. ( Litcher and Rotham 47 ) Americans were fascinated by the progress in engineering they were excited that they could visualise who, what, where and when. It was during this clip that telecasting began to act upon the state.

In the early 1950ss there weren t many informa

tive telecasting plans that were gratifying. It was either really serious or pure comedy. The docket was to seek and blend the two successfully. There were premier clip and weekend shows when most people were home but at that place was non much else on during the twenty-four hours. There was a significant scarceness of shows on in the forenoon. Well on January 14,1952 this all changed. The Today Show would make full the forenoons dead air clip by miming the wireless. It would steal the audience with a mixture of intelligence visible radiation comedy, conversation and music. The today show ran on 26 Stationss and went harmonizing to program. It was hosted by Dave Garroway a former Chicago wireless personality. They played some records, reviewed the conditions displayed intelligence headlines and discussed day-to-day intelligence. This show was celebrated for showing an interview with a senator and kidney graft operations to 100-year-old birthdays and consumer wellness studies. The today show went through a series of alterations before it became what it is today. The show was decidedly successful because it became the theoretical account for all Television intelligence except for the sedate eventide plans. Entertainment tonight and LarryKing Live to Prime Time Live and the Oprah Winfrey Show, its difficult to believe of a telecasting Newsweek show which doesn T acquire its roots from the Today show. ( Litcher and Rothman18 )

There were an copiousness of events that shaped the Golden age of telecasting. The first spiritual broadcast in 1952, which was presented by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Besides in 1954, the FCC mandate of the criterion for colour telecasting broadcast in the United States. ( Esslin 267 ) . Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first president to wholeheartedly encompass the American people publically with his message through t.v. Ad on NBC. ( Barnouw 67 ) . The coverage of Kennedy s blackwash, which was a unrecorded broadcast of what was precisely traveling on. Television was now touching people on an utmost personal degree. The American people were interested in what was go oning following and wanted to remain tuned for the latest, greatest, and funniest on telecasting.

As society alterations, telecasting alterations. Since telecasting is a contemplation of our society, the alteration was inevitable. During the 1960ss and early 1970ss our state was thrown into a series of events that would alter the universe forever. The Vietnam War divided the beliefs of our society. For most, functioning our state was an award and for the staying immature grownups it was a clip to stand up for what they believed in no war! As a consequence, firing one s bill of exchange card and the American flag was a common site on the eventide intelligence. On a lighter side, Woodstock and flower power changed the thought of our immature grownups from being discrete in their private lives to being promiscuous. Free love, marihuana and music that stated their ( immature grownups ) positions and ethical motives was really popular. Television being one of the chief signifiers of communicating, became a vehicle to picture these attitudes. Situation comedies and films about the war and its atrociousnesss became apparent. Violence and hatred were a common subject in many shows. Marijuana and love power changed the criterions of many immature grownups, therefore doing telecasting sing no longer feasible for every age group.

Television as it was known during the Golden Age ceased to go out. The values and attitudes that created an ambiance of peace, harmoniousness and repose was no longer the subject used in telecasting. Gathering in the life room around the telecasting with popcorn and sodium carbonate to bask an eventide of laughter with the whole household doesn T go on excessively frequently today. Most adults spend clip looking for shows of past, while the immature grownups desire the speedy action and force in their films. Television has become a commanding officer of our civilization, people use telecasting otherwise than any other media beginning. We view telecasting for everything, political relations, literature, faith, intelligence and commercialism. Americans have become telecasting people. Although in a manner we have to be tuned into telecasting or we won t be familiar with what s go oning in our civilization. Television creates a fantasy universe that replaces the images of what existent life is. It effects the worlds of many people who think it s an illustration of how to populate. Its in our heads and lives so continuously that its get downing to determine our mundane actions. Television started as an agent of societal control but is now an agent of societal alteration. ( Stark 59 )

Television is an innovation that permits you to be entertained in your life room by people you wouldn Ts in your place. ( David Frost )