When it comes to finding about the news of what’s going on in our world, we want details and facts. We want the juice of what’s actually going on. The debate between the efficiency of newspapers and TV news, TV news is a lot more effective.

Watching the news on TV is a lot easier for people to understand and is more convenient than reading it on paper. For the people who are always in a rush in the morning, it’s more convenient to turn on the TV and listen to what’s going on rather than trying to read a paper because it will only slow your task down.Also, for the people who don’t know how to read and for elders whose eyes don’t function properly, the TV is a better source of finding out the news. Not only can they watch, if their eyes are messed up, they can also listen. It doesn’t require any thinking or straining the eyes trying to read. It may actually be seen as very much relaxing. Newspapers, however, requires more thinking; it has very good sentence structure that may be hard to understand sometimes with the extensive vocabulary words.TV news is more entertaining.

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The news casts are always bubbly and energetic while broadcasting which receives a positive perspective from the viewers which gives them higher ratings and more airtimes. When we watch the news on TV we get a better visual image of what’s going on. They show actual photos and footage of the story which produces emotion to the audience. Meanwhile, newspapers are straight up boring. These stories are printed out on grayish colored paper and the photos have limited color to them.A newspaper only shows maybe 1 or 2 photos per story that doesn’t give any type of emotion whatsoever. The delivery of news on TV is a lot faster. Once there is something new to talk about, it’s automatically put on air.

There’s no wait nor delay like the newspaper. The newspaper doesn’t issue out new news until the following morning. News on TV also focuses on all stories, tells us everything that going on whether it’s a big issue or a small one, and gives a great amount of details, while the newspaper only focuses on certain events and that’s not very much reliable at all.The smallest story could be the most important; but if you have a newspaper, you won’t be able to find out what’s going on, so you’ll have to rely on the TV news to tell you what you want to know.

TV offers more options of news. People are mostly fond of making choices. Watching TV can satisfy this requirement. Because there are many channels for options on news, for example, ABC7 channel news doesn’t provide you the news you want to know about, then you can always change the channel. But the newspaper is published by one publication.Whatever information is on there is what you have to stick with.

The point of view and the news are somehow limited and prejudice. So in order to get a comprehensive view, people can try many different channels to get an understanding. Unlike the TV news, newspaper are portable and has no time limited, this has the advantages that people can read them whenever they want. But I believe that getting news from TVs is due to its efficiency, convenience and easy understanding is a lot better than just reading the newspaper.