Last updated: April 23, 2019
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Television versus Radio

Although most people prefer television because it is a visual source of information, radio remains an important source of news and entertainment for many others. The radio is a very portable device that can run on small batteries and is lightweight. Its smaller size compared to most televisions makes it a handy machine that can provide instant information with the switch of a button anywhere where there is a radio signal. People can even listen to the radio while they are on the move. Some radio shows fail when put on television because their program formats are changed just to refit the show as to what is applicable on the television. Some radio shows will not also be able to make it on television because it is difficult to find a radio anchor who is able to speak well and who has a pleasing personality.

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Since television shows are visual, radio anchors still need to adjust to the new format of their shows. Adjusting can be a difficult and a time-consuming task for them—and time is not a luxury that can be freely received both in radio and television. Despite all these, I would like to hear a new radio show that solely talks about the changing trends in the subject of modern Information Technology. I am yet to discover a radio show that tackles the subject for a stretch of time that is longer than usual. The IT sector is a very important part of today’s fast-changing society. A radio show dealing with that subject will certainly provide its listeners with the most up-to-date and the most relevant IT news.