? Television & # 8211 ; The Plug-In Drug? Essay, Research PaperReader Response to: ? Television & # 8211 ; The Plug-In Drug?I found this whole essay written by, Marie Winn, to be highly interesting, and I besides felt it was a really true contemplation on today? s society. Who, in the yesteryear, would of all time hold thought that the telecasting would be seen as a necessity in today? s family. She even says in paragraph 2, that in one province your telecasting can? t get repossessed. I still think that holding one is to see a luxury in the family.She speaks, in her essay, about relevant subjects refering the effects of telecasting on the household. I agree with her, because even in our place, one can frequently see the effects that telecasting has on the household.

The manner she talks about it in her essay, suggests that she is strongly against the big influence that the telecasting has on the households in our modern society. As she says, ? As household ties grow weaker and vaguer, as kids? s lives become more seperated from their parents? , as parents? educational function in their kids? s lives is taken over by telecasting and schools, household life becomes progressively more disappointing for both parents and kids, ? on page270, paragraph, 42.As the one author put in 1949, ? Television is traveling to be a existent plus in every hoe where there are kids? , on page 262 paragraph 2. By reading the remainder of the essay she makes it clear to us that Television can hold both positive every bit good as negative facets to it.

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In the beginning it was thought that it would do households to pass more clip at place and non to scatter everyplace, which to everywhere, which to on extent is true but does it convey the household closer? together? . I surely wear? t think so, and as she says in paragraph 9 on p264, ? For while it has, so, kept the members of the household from scattering, it has non served to convey them together? , so, the quotation mark from page 263 paragraph 4, ? No study? s needed, of class, to set up that telecasting has brought the household together in one room? , rises up assorted emotions in me as it does acquire the household gathered in one room but it does non convey the household genuinely together. She, throughout the full piece of composing gives good grounds that the telecasting is taking over in society. She shows particularly that she is concerned about the kids that are turning up with the television as the cardinal focal point in the family.One illustration that she uses is the 1 about the household with two kids who fought the full clip about who is traveling to watch which telecasting plan when. The female parent so decided that 2and a half hours was traveling to be allowed per twenty-four hours, which would let the grown-ups to eat in peace and it besides prevented the two male childs from contending with each other. The point that she makes when she says the one male child even admitted that there was nil on that he was really interested in watching, so he was merely sitting in forepart of the telecasting for the interest of it.

She goes on to state, and I strongly agree, ? ? ..isn? T there a better household life available than this blue, mechanised agreement of kids watching telecasting for nevertheless long is allowed them, flushing after evening. ? One has to inquire if there might be a possibility of this taking topographic point in her ain place that sparked the involvement in her to compose such a well written and to the point essay. She evidently knows what she is speaking approximately because as she explains it in the essay is the manner it truly is in today? s families. Television is replacing the true household values. The true values that keep households TOGETHER.

Television has in itself become a ritual that has and is replacing the so really of import rites and values of today? s society. She says, ? But of class it has non been the lone contributing factor, possibly non even the most of import one. ? She so goes on to talk about the effects on kids with the increasing figure of divorces etc. on page 269 paragraph 38.

I tend to differ with her here, because I feel that telecasting plays an of import function in the increasing Numberss of divorced twosomes traveling up every bit good. Television takes the topographic point of of import communicating between household members.Finally, one can see that by the content of this essay she besides remembers a clip when households sat around the dinner tabular array together and the kids played together outside for hours without acquiring bored. This is what society of today is missing. She has written a rally good, good thought about essay and she did the necessary research to endorse her statements up. I genuinely enjoyed this essay and the manner she ends away by stating, ? ? .

, a twenty-four hours seems to offer merely adequate clip for a good-night buss, ? merely emphasizes the whole point of the essay. TO MUCH TELEVISION!