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Televisons Positive Affects On Society Essay, Research Paper

Nichole VanSickle

Richard Zlogar

Fr. Eng. Comp. 101-18

31 October 1996

Television? s Positive Effects on Society

Harmonizing to Marie Winn and her essay? The Plug-In Drug, ? telecasting has assorted negative effects on our society today. In her essay Winn explores the ways in which telecasting has detrimentally caused breaks with the quality of household life, rites, and values. She recognizes there is a job with our society and the manner in which it is systematically influenced by telecasting. I am able to hold with Winn on this point, but I do non experience that the entirety of the influence is negative. Television today has a batch of positive effects and influences on our society and our American civilization. Television gives us helpful information, assorted signifiers of instruction, and amusement which are all a portion of the positive effects that telecasting has on our society.

On a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing, the telecasting keeps us informed with plentifulness of helpful information. We are informed through the telecasting of the latest intelligence, conditions, and information which are of import in our day-to-day lives. The telecasting frequently acts as an farmer’s calendar, dictionary, and an oculus into the universe around us. It informs us of the most recent occurrences around the universe within seconds. Such as the O.J. Simpson test, the Oklahoma City bombardment, and the wars taking topographic point in the Middle East. Through Television we can be warned about about anything from a hurricane nearing to the fact that the stock market is falling. The telecasting in today? s society has become one of our most basic resources for information. We use the Television as a convenient manner to happen out some of the simplest information such as the day of the month, clip, and what is traveling to be on channel 11 at 9:30. Our American society has designed its life style around the convenience of the Television and the fact that it is so easy accessible.

The telecasting has other intents besides convenience. It is a great manner of educating the people throughout society with the of import issues that affect our mundane lives. Be it societal, political, economical, or medical, there is ever something new to be told, and the telecasting is the quickest manner to acquire it out to the people. Not merely is the telecasting fast, but it is besides really accurate and in deepness every bit good. The telecasting takes the clip to make the research that most Americans are excessively lazy to make themselves. Through assorted intelligence plans and documenta

ries, the telecasting keeps us educated, and on the right path so that we as Americans are non left out in the dark when it comes to the current events around the state. For illustration, being that it is an election twelvemonth, we are invariably being informed about the campaigners, their whereabouts, and the arguments. The ground for this is because, this is an of import piece of instruction when it comes to the American people. We need to cognize these things, or we along with our authorities will endure.

Along with informational and educational intents, telecasting serves as an entertainer every bit good. When telecasting was foremost developed, amusement was non one of its chief intents. As clip went on people began to sit and watch the telecasting for that ground. Soon after came the development of situation comedies, and particular plans which served as amusement intents. Throughout the old ages, amusement on Television has become much more popular among Americans. The telecasting has become an of import portion of our amusement today. Not merely is it more convenient than traveling to films, dramas, concerts, or featuring events but it is besides a batch cheaper. With modern twenty-four hours telecasting people do non hold to go forth their houses, and acquire dressed up to drive to see what they could be watching on their ain Television sets at place. This is why the telecasting companies have adapted to run into the demands of the American people by providing entree to films, dramas, concerts, and the most popular sporting events. This past summer the Television proved its convenience for amusement. Many Americans were able to sit back and watch the Olympics in their ain places, and still be able to acquire the feel of being there in Atlanta.

Throughout the old ages, the American people have come to trust on the telecasting and all it has to offer. The telecasting with its multi-purposes has positively effected our society through its agencies of information, instruction, and amusement. We as Americans have become a portion of a society which is greatly influenced by the telecasting. Although, this influence has been proven to impact the quality of household life, as Winn references in? The Plug-In Drug. ? The positive effects of telecasting on our society as a whole, and the cognition it provides is far greater than this quality of life that she mentions. I must acknowledge that there are both positive and negative facets that come out of our telecastings today, but I feel that the positive effects decidedly out weigh the negatives when it comes to the importance of information, instruction, and amusement for our society.