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Tempest And Othello Essay, Research Paper


The cardinal issue depicted in both plays The Tempest and Othello is about money. Money in significant sums can stand for great power and strength over the opinion state. It plays a major function in our mundane society and 1 that is to the full illustrated in both of Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s drama. Both of the dramas are related to his affair, in that the subplot characters attempt to accomplish high regard and, hence, addition power and strength by misrepresentation.

A correspondence can be drawn between the characters of Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano from The Tempest to Othello with Iago, Othello involved. Both of these scenes illustrate how the characters Caliban and Othello are easy fooled by misrepresentation. What these characters, from both dramas, Trinculo and Stephano and Iago do hold in common are their evil purposes and confederacy & # 8217 ; s to derive power by lead oning others to believe in them to the full. Caliban, a half human and half animal, is easy fooled by the two work forces, the derived functions of a higher civilisation. Trinculo and Stephano have to programs to turn every state of affairs into their ain advantage. Although, Caliban possesses much more intellect than those two devilish members labeled as & # 8220 ; civilized & # 8221 ; , he submits to the narrative that they help Caliban slay his fallacious maestro, Prospero. He declares that Prospero, a adept prestidigitator has wrongfully taken over the island he had inherited from his female parent Sycorax. Caliban is non at all appreciative of what Prospero gives to him because he says & # 8220 ; You taught me linguistic communication & # 8221 ; ( 1,2,362 ) merely and because he & # 8220 ; must obey & # 8221 ; ( 1,2,371 ) or else Prospero will bring down hurting on him. Caliban instantly declares Trinculo and Stephano as his new maestro as he gleefully sings a vocal celebrating thei

R initial meetings. Caliban is deceived into believing that Trinculo and Stephano will present their promises when in fact those two so called Lord had another good affair in head. It is Stephano’s and Trinculo gift of spirits to Caliban that makes him believe that they are from a higher societal category. In return Caliban has fallen from an about mind into the lowest societal being, while Trinculo and Stephano have gained their regard, hence they have the ability to take control over Caliban. In Othello, the same state of affairs is drawn in that Othello and Caliban from The Tempest are both exploited because of their deficiency of opinion. Othello, a powerful soldier of higher societal orders is victimized by Iago. Iago is convinced that Othello believes in him when he says “The Moor is of a free…open nature/think work forces honest…/ tenderly led by th’nose/ As buttockss are” ( 2,1, 398-401 ) . Iago’s green-eyed monster over power is what exhibits and uncover his true inner-evil thrust to act upon Othello by misrepresentation. Othello, like Caliban is easy misled by misrepresentation. Othello and Caliban are both rather guiltless characters, but they are excessively easy fooled. Caliban is fooled by the offer of spirits, whereas Othello is fooled merely by misrepresentation. It is non until they have witnessed the truth, so they learn the key to the moral line. Othello is a honest, brave soldier and so his cognition of the human head is really limited because his words come out slackly talking of Iago as being “most honest” ( 2,3,7 ) suggesting that he lacks any mind, and hence is misled by Iago. Iago, like Stephano and Trinculo are truly the lowest life existences of society who attempt to derive regard and power by misrepresentation.


The Tempest & # 8211 ; Oxford Edition