, Research PaperDuring the fourteenth century, gallantry was in a diminution due to drastic societal andeconomic alterations. Feudalism along with gallantry will fall for many grounds, but thewriter of Gawain blames the autumn on the loss of spiritual values within the knights. Thewriter uses adult females in the narrative as the chief instrument to reenforce feudal system, forillustration: Lady Bertilak and The Virgin Mary are used to contrast the good and evil that aknight has to face ; courtly and religious love. With this, adult females are weakening thespiritual values behind gallantry with their enticements towards wickedness, and the writer warnsthe audience that the loss of spiritual values behind gallantry will take to its ultimatedevastation.Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a romantic jubilation of gallantry. Theoriginal ideas of gallantry were Christian values such as poorness, celibacy, service toGod, and all campaigns that were taken by knights were to turn out their religion in God.

But asclip went on to the fourteenth century, knights began to take their great workss by devotedness to akept woman instead than their God. Men began to derive desire for the flesh of another, insteadso for the protection of their psyches. The writer shows that adult female can be used as amessage to demo the Church s misgiving of adult females. The writer ever portrays the immoralityadult females, but tends to demo that the Virgin Mary ever comes out on top, and gallantrywill populate on because good lickings evil.Mary, stand foring the good, is prayed to by Gawain and in bend she gives him theaid to be strong and survive.

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She obtained her goodness by being the lone adult female whoof all time achieved maternity while keeping her celibacy. She represents religious love,obeisance, celibacy, and life. Gawain uses Mary as a reassurance of protection. He hasthat queen s image / etched on the interior of his armoured shield ( 648-49 ) and he prays tothe image when he senses problem. Besides on his shield is the pentacle, or endless knot( p.

147 ) , which represents the 5 joys of Mary. Gawain strives to keep true to Mary and toher volitions, but he has many enticements to cover with.Lady Bertilak on the other manus represents the immorality and enticements that a knighthas to contend and avoid. Lady Bertilak works entirely in the sleeping room and in public before thepeople of the palace at feasts and she single-handedly taints the Chevalier, doing himto interrupt deals and besides to travel against the good, and hence interrupting his vow offeudal system.

Within the bible and the book, Lady Bertilak represents the traditional femaleillustration of courtly love, noncompliance, lust, and decease. She is everything that was made tohalt and destruct a male Chevalier whose mission in life is to make all good and no immorality.Lady Bertilak uses her organic structure to press him so heatedly ( p. 87 ) and showed him that he waspermitted to come in her, but Gawain s enticement was overridden by Mary s will, and hereplied to her:Then gently, By Saint John,Said the knight with a smiling,I owe my curse to none,Nor wish to yet a piece. ( p. 88 )By Gawain stating this to Lady Bertilak, he non merely politely removed himself fromenticement, but he besides dishonored Mary, for he said he doesn t owe his curse to anyone.The changeless battle of good and evil between the adult female will stay with Gawainthroughout his full journey.Gawain went along his journey to the Green Chapel where he was to hold hiscaput cut off.

As he traveled during the Winter in the cold forests, he began to pray toMary ; And thee Mary, Mildest female parent so beloved, that in some oasis with due award I mayhear mass and Matins tomorrow forenoon. ( p. 49 ) . By inquiring Mary for a shelter andsomeplace in which he could pray in Christmas Eve, Gawain believes that Shereplies him by demoing him to Bertilak s Castle, which will really convey him to atrial of gallantry. When he arrives at the palace, he is grateful for the success he receivedwith happening a shelter.

But, the minute that Lady Bertilak steps into the room, his fright oflife and praying to Mary is instantly forgotten and he now devotes his entireattending to the beautiful lady. There in Bertilak s palace, unlike in Arthur s, he tries moreto affect courtiers with his accomplishment in the field of courtly love, instead than the efforts ofmake bolding or continuing his award.But Gawain s true challenge and proving land come when he is entirely in thesleeping room with Lady Bertilak throwing her organic structure at him. This overpowers the deals hemade with The Green Knight and Lord Bertilak, which were to turn out bravery andgallantry, he now has a deal of celibacy, with a adult female. He his being confronted withwickedness from a beautiful lady who is half bare in forepart of him, yet to state no would bediscourteous to the host of the Castle, so Gawain is in a bind.

An obvious strugglebetween religious and courtly love is now evident in Gawain for he is concerned for hiscourtesy, lest he be called caitiff, but more particularly for his evil predicament if he shoulddip into wickedness, and dishonor the proprietor of the house faithlessly, ( 1773-75 ) . Thisthrows him from fright of disgracing Mary, Mother of God, to the fright of beingdiscourteous to the host of the palace. Yet he bargains with Lady Bertilak. He doesn Twish to disgrace Lady Bertilak or The Virgin Mary, so he accepts a girdle from the Lady.Yet one of the finding factors in the credence of the girdle lays in the fact that itholds a particular power of immortality.Gawain s credence of the girdle weakens feudal system and more specifically,Logres. The girdle causes him to interrupt his deal with Lord Bertilak because Gawainmust conceal the girdle because of its powers.

At this point in the narrative, the writer stronglycriticizes the altering face of gallantry. The writer shows intimations that the game of courtlylove will finally interrupt the mal societal bonds, which hold feudal system together. It aboutseems that the lone thing that could salvage feudal system are the traditional Christianhierarchies from which gallantry was born.Then comes Gawain s concluding challenge. The Green Knight now faces him with thetaking of his life. When he arrives at the Green Chapel, Gawain is confronted with aconfession ; the Green Knight admits that Lady Bertilak was used to allure Gawain tointerrupt his vow of celibacy and his deal with the host of the palace, one of which wassuccessful. The Green Knight goes on to state Gawain that he instructed her [ LadyBertilak ] to seek him [ Gawain ] , and you genuinely seem to be the most perfect champion of all time togait the Earth.

( p.109 ) . So Gawain s whole destiny in the decapitation game rested in hispublic presentation in the exchange of profitss game.

With this freshly obtain cognition,Gawain learns a lupus erythematosus: clasp true to the ideals of the Christian philosophy as a support for theknightly codification. But after Gawain admits to his incorrect behaviors, he pushes the incrimination fromhimself onto adult females, stating he was inadvertently duped by adult females and led into wickedness.Gawain tells the Green Knight of four Fictional characters in the Bible and how [ all ] four fell tostrategies of adult females whom they used. If I am snared, it seems I ought to be excused. ( P.111 ) This supplanting of the incrimination allows Gawain to recover his power by returning toArthur s tribunal non as a failure, but as a to the full reinstated Knight of Honor. Yet his refusal tospell and do peace with Bertilak s married woman downs his courtesy, but his power is non back inthe custodies of the appropriate authorization ( Mary ) , and Gawain s truenesss are redefined.Gawain returns to the unit of ammunition tabular array, and everyone in the tribunal adopts the Girdle.

The credence is a symbol of how Arthur doesn Ts take Gawain s lesson to bosom and howwork forces covet adult females, which causes civilisations or organisations to interrupt. But in the longtally, good will overmaster immorality in the strong adult male. If he has the self-control to be faithful andstrive for celibacy, he can get the better of any obstruction. Women will ever be at that place to deflecta knight from his mission, but if a true knight, no adult female can halt him.

Gawain can beconsidered as an anti-woman philippic, but personally, I feel that the book discovers thedeep secrets of both sides of the adult female.34a