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Tennis Technology:

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The Titanium Chang Versus The Original Chang Racquet

It seems like merely yesterday that Prince was presenting the Michael Chang Long-body tennis racket to the universe. It was the first extra-length racket designed to be a & # 8220 ; participant & # 8217 ; s racquet & # 8221 ; with less power and more control. The old extra-length rackets we have seen had immense caputs and fetid designs. They generated an tremendous sum of power and enormous spin, but they were uneffective with respect to command. The Michael Chang Long-body changed all that. This is the racket that brought excess length to the multitudes. In world, the Michael Chang Long-body racket has been on the market for about three old ages. In the computing machine industry it would be a dinosaur. Although tennis rackets do non age rather every bit fast as computing machines, three old ages is still a long clip for a racket to stay unchanged. What Prince has done is to present a new Chang tennis racket called the Michael Chang Titanium Long-body. The Michael Chang Titanium Long-body is a better tennis racket than the original. Not merely does the racket combine the qualities of the original Michael Chang Long-body, but it besides incorporates Prince & # 8217 ; s latest technological progresss.

There are two major technological differences between the old and new Chang rackets. The first difference is the Ti in the shaft of the Michael Chang Titanium racket, which gives the new version its name. Titanium is braided with the black lead in the shaft of the Chang Titanium which increases the stiffness of the frame and makes the racket more powerful and stable than the Original Chang racquet.1 The excess stableness should appeal to all participants, while the excess power will profit those participants who want or need more power. The 2nd difference is the Sweet Spot Suspension System, which the Chang Titanium racket has and the Original Chang does non. The Sweet Spot Suspension System decreases the quiver by 60 per centum and absorbs a batch more daze, particularly outside of the sweet spot.2 The Sweet Spot Suspen

Zion System is a major benefit for anyone with arm jobs or anyone who wants to avoid them.

The caput size, length, and the breadth of the Chang Titanium and Chang Original are the same, but the weight differs. Like the Original Chang, the Titanium Chang comes in two caput sizes: 95 and 107 square inches. Both the Titanium caput sizes are 20 mm broad and weigh 11.3 and 11.6 ounces unstrung. By comparing, the Original Chang Midsize weighs 11.2 ounces and the Oversize weighs merely 10.3 ounces. Both the Original Chang and the Titanium Chang are 28 inches long and head-light.3

A disadvantage of the Chang Titanium is the trouble of manoeuvrability. Both the Midsize and Oversize frame of the Chang Titanium are less manoeuvrable than the Original Chang is. Compared to the Original Chang Oversize, the excess ounce of weight and the larger hoop of the Chang Titanium make the Oversize frame really hard to manage. A participant will necessitate to hold good strength, great timing, or great readying to play good with this racket. A physically strong participant will be able to steer the frame into place and should bask the solid feel of the racquet.4 Good timing and early readying will be required for the remainder of us, because a individual has to get down the swing really early and, one time he starts it, there is no fillet and restarting. The smaller caput on the Midsize helps to do it much more manoeuvrable than the Oversize ; nevertheless, harmonizing to the weight specifications, the Midsize is still less manoeuvrable than the Original Chang Midsize. The difference, nevertheless, is much less important than with the Oversize frames.

Prince & # 8217 ; s Sweet Spot System decreases the quiver and absorbs a batch more daze, which is a definite betterment over the Original Chang rackets. With the Ti in the shaft, the Chang Titanium makes the racket more stiff, powerful, and stable than the Original Chang. Chang Titanium is heavier than the Original Chang, but a individual who can manage the racket will work Prince & # 8217 ; s latest technological progresss which make it a better racket than the Original Chang.