1 EXPLAIN WHAT REFLECTIVE PRACTICE ISBrooding pattern involves analyzing and interrupting down the different undertakings that you perform on a day-to-day footing. This will enable you to derive a better apprehension of how to transport out the undertaking efficaciously and besides how to make the needed criterions. For illustration. when lifting a client you may detect that their legs are excessively far apart which is doing them uncomfortableness.

The following clip you hoist them you could seek traversing the leg portion of the hoist catapulting to see it makes the transportation more comfy for the client. 1. 2 EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE OF REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IN CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF SERVICE PROVIDED
To develop.

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pattern and add to knowledge. Reflection consequences in a alteration in the individual and their position of the state of affairs. For illustration when you learn something on a preparation class and use it to mundane work. i. e.

how to utilize a slide sheet. This will add to your ability to back up the client.1. 3 EXPLAIN HOW STANDARDS INFORM REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IN ADULT SOCIAL CAREStandards such as odes of Practice. Minimum Standards etc. demo us how we should be working.

They can be used to mensurate patterns. and to act upon us to believe about the we work on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing.1. 4 DESCRIBE HOW OWN VALUES. BELIEF SYSTEMS AND EXPERIENCES MAY AFFECT WORKING PRACTICEThe worker may hold different values and beliefs that contradict what they see in the workplace.

Religious beliefs vary from individual to individual. besides what has been expected of us since a immature age. We need to be cognizant that our beliefs are non that of everyone and it is unprofessional to go through opinion. By recognizing other people’s beliefs and reflecting on our past experiences can assist us in our function.