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Terorrism And Security Essay, Research Paper

The authorities can implement many new methods to increase security, or better yet give off the image of better security which is what they have preponderantly done, yet finally there will ever be a manner to short-circuit or come up with a new manner to infiltrate that step. The authorities so far has done a assortment of things runing from the shutting of the Dulles airdrome ( for good ) , working with the FAA on new security steps, holding pilots carry pistols, and a non so specific, profiling.

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Well the first and easiest of the new security steps is the lasting shutting of the airdrome, which is really near the bosom of our state & # 8217 ; s political machine. Sing how aeroplanes were used as arms of mass-destruction functionaries were left with no pick but to close down the airdrome. Even though other airdromes, which were closed, are now reopened, Dulles locality to the incident and to other major authorities installations will maintain this airdrome for good closed. The authorities rational in this state of affairs really makes sense because they would non desire to hold any other incidents and the propinquity of the airdrome is a major key.

There has been a step brought to congress by the largest pilot brotherhood, touting over 66000 members to transport pistols in the cockpit and be trained by jurisprudence enforcement functionaries. Strict psychological testing would be done on all the pilots and the FBI would develop all of them. Before these incidents, this proposal would hold non been considered, yet in visible radiation of this state of affairs there could be possible execution of this plan. The authorities every bit good as private pudding stones agrees that this program could work, because the cockpit has to be defended at all costs, therefore, now pilots are being trained to utilize a crash-ax, equipped on every plane, as a possible violent death arm. The authorities believes that this will work because if the cockpit is infiltrated, the pilots will hold a signifier of defence that could overmaster the terrorist and salvage the plane and the universe from such atrociousnesss witnessed September 11.

The FAA has considered many new steps to increase the safety of flight and to do certain that the air power system is non compromised by Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act. Federal United States Marshals Services are being hired at exponential rates so more will be on flights to see security. There is consideration of doing a secure cockpit door that can non be broken down if locked ; yet, this is a waste of clip and money in my sentiment, because the terrorist can still endanger the life of the riders. Security checkpoints at airdromes will be monitored by FBI agents, non by hired people to supervise oculus motions and other such behaviours in hopes of catching the & # 8220 ; non typical but otherwise looks like a normal rider & # 8221 ; rider. Carry on baggage will be effected badly as now, they will scrutinized with a all right tooth comb and no longer will they be so broad on what can come on and what can non. The federal authorities will put in the latest engineering in bomb-sniffing, x-ray, and whatever other devices are available, to observe any explosive or incendiary devices checked on an aeroplane. With all these new ordinances plus a list of similar 1s, there will be several unpleasant side effects for the citizens of this state. Passengers should anticipate to get 2.5-3 hours in advanced to do certain you will do your flight. There will be a new security revenue enhancement on all tickets which will up travel monetary values. In add-on, more electronic appliances, which are really frequently used by the concern traveller of to

twenty-four hours and tomorrow, will be banned and purely checked. However, the top is that it should do citizens experience safer about travelling.

The 4th manner of fastening security is more on a psychological graduated table. Last hebdomad in Minneapolis, Northwest Airlines functionaries hauled three Arab-Americans off a flight to Salt Lake City when other riders refused to wing with them ; the work forces were grilled and allowed to board a subsequently flight. In Trenton, N.J. , a nervous driver called governments when two leery work forces talking small English got on his coach ; the constabulary held the work forces at gunpoint before let go ofing them. Such profiling, which critics say makes a jeer of the constitutional impression of equal protection, is merely one of the challenges to civil autonomies emerging in the aftermath of the terrorist act onslaughts. This is one of the steps that is traveling to be difficult to implement and possibly impossible to implement. The authorities gave Immigration and Naturalization Service the right to confine immigrants and keep them indefinitely ( this is a alteration from 24 hours ) . This is a cardinal job that is being seen, which is Americans assailing Americans because of their colour, speech pattern, ethnicity, and faith. Possibly the thaw pot thought is a figment of imaginativeness to psychologically comfort everyone from the world that even though Americans are Americans they have non assimilated with one another, but really promote their single diverseness. It is proved that petroleum profiling is uneffective, and will merely make more animus among supposed brotherly Americans. In Britain, this was seen with the Irish and even here, in the US has acted likewise with Nipponese during WWII. It seems that if you are now of any type of Middle Eastern descent, you will be scrutinized more to a great extent. This is a job with no solution though, because security personal will be more wary of Middle Eastern people and more likely to seek personally and inquire more inquiries, etc. , the existent job lies with how Americans profile other Americans. This is an highly big unpleasant side consequence of this incident. In add-on, now US citizen & # 8217 ; s privateness will be infringed upon because the disposal is spread outing surveillance authorization to tap phones, obtain voice-mail messages, proctor computing machines and obtain clients & # 8217 ; credit-card information from Internet suppliers with minimum judicial inadvertence. Since terrorist usage electronic mail and cellular phones, & # 8220 ; rolling & # 8221 ; lights-outs ( which fundamentally allow to tap anything used by the individual suspected and all the people he contacts ) are allowed, and the authorities has been given more rights to occupy the privateness of citizens. While this might all be ok with everyone right now, in the aftermath of the onslaughts, a small down the route Americans will be angry, as citizens privateness from the authorities has ever been a authoritative statement.

As one could see there are traveling to be unpleasant side effects from the unpleasant Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act, yet how effectual they are will non be so easy measured. However, one could safely state that the usual hurdlings which are put up by citizens themselves ( privacy issues, waiting in line, etc. ) , are non being cleared sky high, yet when normalcy returns, there will be differences over the glade of such hurdlings. Yet overall, even though it is unfortunate that the onslaught serves as a aftermath up call, it does, for American airdromes and flight security, which has ever been missing. Even though America was slow to implement security steps, in consideration of this incident, attempts to hold leading security will certainly be expedited.