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Texassa Essay, Research Paper

The Annexation of Texas & # 8211 ; Manifest Destiny Mexico WarThe rise of manifest fate in the United States had a powerful impact onall Americans and finally led to war with Mexico. The term +manifestdestiny+ , as used in the 1840+s, described the inevitableness of the continuedwestward enlargement of the United States ( Berkin 356 ) . The appropriation of Texaswhich followed the American triumph over Mexico was controversial but wasjustified because the people busying the land needed a civil authorities. After the Mexican revolution against Spain in 1821 it was a given thatpresent twenty-four hours Texas, New Mexican, Arizona, and California belonged to Mexico.However it was readily evident that Mexico was holding trouble controllingthis huge part of land with a really diverse population. The capital of Mexico, Mexico City, was nowhere near the part of land it was supposed to be regulating. The authorities in Mexico was invariably undergoing alterations and wasn+t evencapable of regulating Mexico itself. The fact that the authorities had no lawspreventing Americans from settling in the part of land that would subsequently becomepart of the United States caused an inflow of innovators. These innovators chose toignore Mexican imposts and faith merely to do utmost tenseness between theTexians, the Non-Hispanic colonists in Texas, and the Tejanos, the Mexicansettlers in Texas. Besides in present twenty-four hours Texas and New Mexico several Indiancivilizations such as the Comanches were non traveling to allow anyone regulate them thateasily. The Texas Revolution that broke out on September 29, 1835 showed that theinhabitants of Texas, chiefly American migrators, didn+t think the Mexicangovernment and fundamental law they were supposed to stay by was equal. Whenthey did accomplish independency the fundamental law that was written up was basedlargely on the fundamental law of the United States. One adult male responsible for thisconstitution was Lorenzo de Zavala, a broad politician, who felt that theMexican authorities was unsuitable for the ideals the people of Texas had and thatrevolution and eventual statehood would be best for their manner of life. Thisaction was really of import when negotiations of appropriation to the United States tungsten


brought up as a run issue in the presidential election of 1844. The winnerof the election, James K. Polk, was barely known and one of the grounds he wonwas because of his place on enlargement and manifest fate. He felt that theregions of Oregon and Texas truly belonged to the United States. Inconclusion, Americans needed to spread out and the sou’-west was really promising forwould be husbandmans. There are several converting statements as to why the United States was notjustified in annexing Texas, one of them being it merely was able to make so byforce. Besides there were those in the part that preferred to stay independent, including the Indian groups mentioned above. The war broke out non because of adispute over the boundary line of Texas but because Mexico saw that Polk, the presidentof the United States in 1845, was seeking to steal the full Southwest fromMexico. Another ground the appropriation of Texas wasn+t justified was that many peoplein the North and West were strongly opposed to it. They felt this manner because ofthe issue of bondage. It was about certain that Texas would be annexed as aslave province because of its location in the South and its agricultural manner oflife. Sectionalism between the North and the South was lifting and theabolitionist motion was besides deriving popularity. The add-on of another slavestate would give the South more ballots in Congress doing an instability the Northwouldn+t allow. Most people weren+t opposed to slavery at this point in clip butthey were opposed to the enlargement of it. However the southerner+s believed thatmanifest fate meant that the South was to spread out to where cotton would growand bondage would be most profitable ( Berkin 363 ) . The appropriation of Texas isone of the events taking up to the Civil War, demoing how strongly some peoplefelt about it. Congress started the war with Mexico by set uping the borderof Texas on the Rio Grande traveling against their word in the joint resolution.This declaration stated that Texas would accept any boundaries that might benegotiated between the two states. This is declarative of how the UnitedStates acted towards Mexico by doing claims on district that they hadabsolutely no legal right to.