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Texting while driving is a dangerous event. It’s something that isn’t illegal all over the U. S just in some states but needs to be all over the U. S soon, but how can this happen if there are so many questions that need to be answered before the other states could or would even want to try to make it illegal. Why text and drive? Why risk your life as well as others lives? Does law enforcement have to prove that someone was texting and driving and if so how can they prove it? Can someone really multitask? So with all these questions needing to be answered can texting while driving ever be able to be made illegal across the U. S or are there to many questions that need to be answered? Texting and driving is killing people all over the world, whether that person had been texting or not, or they might not have even been driving. Are the roads even safe anymore with all the people “trying” to multitask? Texting while driving affects the reaction time, so someone cannot see that the car in front of them has braked, they may not see that the light has changed or even end up running a red light, they might not even notice someone crossing the street.

This is something that just doesn’t affect the person that is texting and driving but everyone that is around that person texting while driving. Texting and driving is a huge issue today because it causes people to not pay attention when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle it cause reaction times to be delayed. “Motorists who text message while driving are six times more likely to be distracted and have an accident. When a driver texts, driving patterns change. The response time to brake is 23 percent slower — 1. 077 seconds when texting and driving compared with 0. 81 seconds when unencumbered” (Caggiano,2007). Texting while driving causes people to not notice the cars in front of them, and the different surroundings around them such as posts or guardrails. This is something that everyone should care about and want to make illegal, but apparently not everyone cares, because there are still a lot of people in the world that are texting and driving and putting theirs and other people’s lives at risk. Whether or not to make texting and driving illegal in the remaining states is still up in the air.

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Those states that have decided to make texting while driving illegal, but aren’t enforcing it very well. This is something that seems to be like it’s going to be hard to make illegal across the U. S and enforce it because most young drivers will ignore the law, “It is going to be very difficult to enforce, because, as its understood, kids can text without looking at the screen” (Melchert, 2008). Even while 37 percent of teens rated text messaging while driving as “extremely” or “very” distracting, they continue to send and receive text messaging in their moving vehicles anyway (Illinois Department of Transportation, 2009).

Yes it is very dangerous, but will making it illegal really stop it? Is law enforcement going to have to prove that the person was texting while driving? How is the law enforcement supposed to do their jobs and keep the roads safe if they have to have another reason to stop someone that is texting and driving? Texting and driving qualifies as a petty misdemeanor. (Melchert, 2008). If these questions aren’t answered is there a point in making texting while driving illegal? Yes there very much is a point.

There is some ways to stop it if making it illegal doesn’t completely stop it, such as making the tickets pricey no one is going to want to pay a high priced ticket. For example, California has a ticket price of $159 for the first offense, $279 for the second (Modesto Bee 2011). Also in Utah offenders face up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine if a motor vehicle accident caused by texting causes injury or death. According to at least one legal expert, Utah’s law assumes the offender knew the risks involved with texting while driving, treating the practice as a form of negligence.

The serious punishment doled out for breaking this law was encouraged in part by one notable offender himself, who testified before Utah’s state House Subcommittee on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. Utah has set a good example for the rest of the states the penalty for injuring another person while texting results in a $1,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail, and the penalty for simply texting while driving is a $750 fine and 90 days in jail, this is something that all states should take into consideration (Greenwood, 2009).

Adding higher ticket prices would hopefully cut down on the people that text while driving. Also cut down on the number of accidents caused by texting while driving. Hornstein said “A number of people will not do it just because it is law,” he said. “We know that this will cut down on the bad behavior that exists here. ” (Melchert, 2008). But can the law enforcement catch everyone that is texting. Flannigan said, “It may not seem like a huge number, but I think more texting is going on than law enforcement is seeing out there. ” (Burlington, Vermont 2011). Texting while driving is done by many people not just teens.

Most people have phones now-a day including adults, adults are also texting and driving to what Indiana is doing isn’t going to stop texting while driving it might stop it for the teens but there are still the adults doing it. People that are in the states where it the law just prohibits teens from using their phones while texting and driving is unfair to just target teens so in an online pole by the Evansville Courier and Press in Evansville, Indiana, 70% of the 478 respondents agreed that it was unfair that teen drivers are prohibited from text messaging while driving but adult drivers are not.

Many people support laws to make texting illegal for all drivers, regardless of age (Greenwood, 2009). New York Times (2010) says “Texting while driving is even more perilous for truckers than for other drivers, according to a much publicized study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Truck drivers are 5. 9 times more likely to crash after reaching for an electronic device, while other drivers are only 1. times more likely to be in such a collision. ” As much as texting while driving is harmful to your safety and others it can have its ups. For example if someone might have a family member in the hospital or even just leave a child that is old enough to stay alone for a few minutes and something were to happen they might need to read a text or answer a call or even text back. Phones have become very popular for communication.

This is something some people might take risks about whether or not to read text or actually text back this could either save someone or take someone else’s life these are the types of things that might keep texting from being illegal these are all good reasons but then if they think it’s that important the person receiving the text or call should pull over to be safe while texting or talking on the phone.

Texting while driving has too sides a both ending up bad those two sides either puts your family at risk because maybe someone is texting someone to tell them that someone in their family is hurt and they need to get to them to help them and it could all rely on whether or not that person reads that text or not and if they decide to read that text they put other people at risk and could end up causing a wreak and hurting or even killing someone else’s father, mother cousin, brother, sister, or and family member it’s the risk that eople are taking these days whether to help their family or others family but in all reality they can help both all it takes is pulling the car over it isn’t that hard it just takes a few seconds or maybe a minute or two but it’s better to have that time taken out of your time then the life you could possibly lose from texting while driving.