Last updated: April 15, 2019
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Calling and texting are to excellent ways of communication, but texting is better. Texting allows so much more advantages then calling. Texting is faster, cheaper, and more convenient. Which makes it the better choice for communication. When having a conversation, a lot of people want it to be fast, an texting allows that. With texting you don’t have to hold a conversation and say hello, you can ask a question and end the conversation. For example did you know millions of people around the world prefer texting to calling? It’s true!

It’s because it allows faster and easier means of communication. Another great thing about texting is the money. Texting is so much more cheaper then calling. Texting cost two cents a text and calling cost three cents. That may not seem like a lot but after a while it adds up. A thirty minute phone call can cost 90 cents but a thirty page text can cost 60 cents! Same amount of time but 30 cents less then calling. Last is the convenience. Calling takes time out of peoples day, it interrupts there work life or personal life.

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With a text message they can get back you at there convenience. In the work place most places wont allow person phone calls with texting you can tell someone important without risking there job. Its just more convenient. In conclusion, while yes calling is an excellent means of communication, texting is better. As I’ve described there’s a lot of advantages to texting. So next time there is a need for communication text them, it faster, cheaper, more convenient and just easier!