That’s right, it’s the travel ban. it’s very controversial travel ban is one of many things the Trump administration has put in place to protect America but does it really help us, or does it only tear us apart. The Guardian is against the ban; they talk about an individual story about a family who tries to come here but is unable. However, CNN talks about a man who supports the travel ban. Although, the travel ban is supposed to protect the United States from terrorists, nevertheless, the US is still divided on does it really help, because some states have already blocked some parts of the travel ban.The Travel ban executive order number 13769 bans any immigrants from the 13 countries. They are Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Chad and North Korea and some of the groups from Venezuela.

The travel ban is one of the controversial moves that President Donald Trump has put in place to protect the United States. The travel ban is put in place to keep terrorists out of the US, therefore, protect us. Is the Travel Ban patriotic or unpatriotic? The New York Times says that the travel ban is neither good nor bad. They say that some lawmakers are for it. “…

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Lawful and essential to protecting our homeland” said Hogan Gidley. However, some states are against it, Maryland and Hawaii have already blocked parts of the travel ban. The Guardian tells a story about a family tried to get to the United States from Yemen but were denied their already approved visas’ because of the new travel ban. CNN reports of many people who do think that the Travel ban is good for this country. Danny Eapen, a supporter was raised by Indian parents but was born and raised in Qatar.

“I was extremely screened by immigration because they wanted to know why a guy with an Indian passport born and raised in the Middle East is flying back to Doha.”(CNN, 2017)I believe that the Travel Ban is bad. I believe this because the Travel Ban excludes innocent people from war-torn countries from coming to America to live a better life. After reading the article from The Guardian interviewed a family from Yemen who had recently approved their visa under the previous administration, but was denied when the new travel ban was put in place, I was disappointed, because if the family got approved by the previous administration then they should be able to come to the United States.

 The Travel Ban or executive order 13769 is the ban on immigrants from thirteen countries from coming to the United States. This order was put in place to protect the United States from terrorists entering the country. My opinion on travel ban is that it is bad for the US. The travel ban restricts immigrants from entering this country. Although the travel ban is very controversial, nevertheless, the travel ban will go down in infamy.