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The product which are
sustainable are also called eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are
the products which gives no harm to the environments whether in their
production, use or in their disposal.   These
type of products helps the environment and people in a greater way that reduces
the pollution in a large scale. They significantly reduce the pollution made by
them. The today’s world needs sustainable products like this. An another
advantage of eco-friendly products are they can be made from the scratch and
they can also be made from the recycled materials. We can easily recognize
these kind of products, The eco-friendly products are labeled as such. The
eco-friendly products have a great impact on our daily life that these kind of
products save the people from very harmful pollutions. If people start using
these kind of products our earth will become a better place for all of us. Some
of the eco-friendly products which we use daily are Cloth
Napkins, Cloth or Cotton Shopping Bags, Rechargeable Batteries, House Cleaners

The fields in which the
sustainable products are prominent are:

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Health and community:

  In health and community, sustainable products
play a vital role, The change in lifestyle are very important to improve our
health and the public health. There will not be any development if people keep
following the current way and do not start using the sustainable products for a
better lifestyle. An example is that sustainability allows us to kill bacteria
using the antibiotics.


Recycling is an important
thing in the sustainability, Lot of sustainable products are made from
recycling. Lot of waste are used to produce the sustainable products and it
reduces the pollution to a great extent and helps the humans very much.

  A sustainable lifestyle can be made using
sustainable products in our daily activities. The lifestyle is going to improve
if we use eco-friendly products. For example, Growing your own garden –  growing your own garden helps the public
health and your personal health in a good way that more plants are planted and
it can be useful in the respiratory process. In our daily life, We want every
product we use to be the best, but we don’t know how harmful and toxic these
products are, there comes the importance of sustainable products, If we were
following a habit of using the sustainable products we will not be having such
a situation. To find out whether a product is eco-friendly or not we can look
for these:

Energy Star – for
appliances and electronics that saves energy

USDA Organic
Seal – for cosmetics and foods that truly are organic

Green Seal – for
cleaning products that are safe for environment

Forest Stewardship
Council Logo – for paper and wood products

There are many
eco-friendly products which we can use on a daily basis which helps us a lot in
terms of financial and health wise. Some of that products are clothing
products, Reusable coffee cups, Recycled toilet paper, Reusable bags etc. These
products not only help in the health and reducing pollution, but also saves you
a good amount of money. We spend a lot of money for daily activities and usage
of daily products if we move to using these products to sustainable products,
we can build a better healthy lifestyle and save some money for further use. Nowadays
one of the main problem which is happening to our mother earth is the wastage
problem. There are too many waste and we can’t decompose or dispose them
anywhere. One person cannot change or save the planet, everyone needs to start
using these eco friendly products in order to save the planet. If we change our
daily routine and usage of products to sustainable, it will definitely help. The
importance of eco friendly products comes in where when we want to maintain or
keep the beauty of the nature and want the plants and all still there.

             Accessories is a daily need which
we use and changing the accessories we use we can change the situation of the
planet. Style is a very important thing which people are very much concerned
about these days, and personal expression is an other important thing which the
younger generations of our country look very important to them. There are lots
of clothes and accessories which are very cool for the younger generations. There
are many cool stuffs tailored for the younger generation boys and girls like
the rings, jewelries, hair accessories, sunglasses and many more. The makeup
products and accessories are a very important product for the younger girls and
they are now more conscious about the safety of the product and by using the
eco friendly products make them very safe to use and no harm to the skin and
the body. Our daily activities affect our planets very much and we need to
change our daily consumption of the non eco friendly products.


By looking at the
reports, plastics are now days very important and unthinkable product in our
daily life and at the same time, it is a very harmful material which affect our
health and the public health. There is a plan implemented to reduce the harm
caused by these plastic material and the products which is called the 2015
circular economy action plan which is designed to help the European businesses
and the consumers to us the resources in a better and in a more sustainable
way. By designing the plastic better, we can use them by recycling and make a
new product even when the old product got decomposed. Now days electricity bill
is a great expense in our daily life, there is a solution for this problem and
that is start using the eco friendly electronic product which have the energy
star in them. Compost is an another good method to reduce waste and make something
good out of it. Compost provides a very great fertilization if you have a home
garden. If we start and demand to use more every sustainable products, every
company will start producing the eco-friendly products and that will be a great
help for the earth.