Themain objective everyone strives to achieve from teamwork is optimumeffectiveness.

My group for Managing marketing have been no exception;effectiveness is what we wanted thus it was exactly what we got. The definitionof effectiveness is “having power toeffect; causing something successful in producing a result or effect; powerful;serviceable”.  Chambers Dictionary (1993). The reason why effectivenessis such a pinnacle factor in teamwork is because it has a direct correlationwith success. Hofer and Schendal (1986) grasp that effectiveness is imperative ina team not just because of success rates but because it is a clear repercussionof creating a stimulating work environment.

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They also challenge thateffectiveness is the level of correspondence between actual and wanted outputs.(Ingram et al 1997). In order to reach ourdesired goal we made sure that we had the fundamental attributes in accordanceto teamwork, which in summary comprises of a group ofindividuals who ‘learn how to develop knowledge, share information, and buildon each other’s knowledge to create new knowledge and new models, rather thansimply adapting the models already existing.

‘ Yeh, E.,Smith, C., Jennings, C. and Castro, N. (2006). We made sure that we had aconcise organisation of tasks formulatedin a way to achieve the desired quality of results, a clear plan thathighlights all the specific goals we needed in order to understand the purposeof the work and tremendous communication skills. In order to organise ourselveswe divided the work equally between team members, in regards to our desiredgoal we all wanted to achieve the best grade possible within our completion ofthe Marketing plan for Middlesex University and all was not possible withoutour extensive need to communicate via meetings in the library, which you couldclassify as our ‘stimulating environment’ and through group messages.  Incentives are a way to gainmaximum effort from team members; in regards to this assignment our motivationwas our final grade, but due to the addition on individual reflection beingmarked separately this could of caused competitive atmosphere with in our groupmembers.

As demonstrated by (Scarnati2001) most business structures are based on the performance of the individualand not the team effort. This structure creates a competitive team environmentthat does not promote social interdependence. But because we have alreadyestablished a relaxed social dynamic between our selected group peers, we stillput all of our efforts into the main group aspects of the task, thereforeneutralising Scarnati’s theory. Without trusting that eachmember would complete their designated tasks before the set deadline our workwould display conflict Costa et al.

(2001) understood that trust in the team isof substantial prominence for task completion as team members are oftendependent on their colleagues than on the leader for performance and contentment.In the perspective of team assignments, which are predominantly of short-term nature,Ipe (2003) proposes that prior connections between team members is a significantdeterminant in the progress of trust and effectiveness teamwork in the courseof the project. In reference to our group our prior connections being, studyingthe same module, wanted to gain a vast amount of knowledge also establishingfriendship, all of which contributed to wanting to same desired goal for thisassignment.