The Admission RegistrarSubject: Dropping of Subject — LS3Dear Sir/Madam:I realize that we have already gone so far into the semester that it is already too late for me to drop any of my subjects. I understand perfectly that that would be very inconvenient for your part.

So, I will not seek to be too stubborn of what I am asking of you here else I inspire your distaste. All that I ask is that before you stamp your disallowance of what I beg of you in this letter, please consider first what it says on my behalf. Such a display of kindness would already make me very grateful—for your effort and your time.I have no excuses to offer you which will merit your consideration. All I have is love for my Nana, who, after 80 fruitful years of taking care of me, now needs my care and attention. See, I have been endowed with the difficult but noble task of seeing to it that she is being taken care of since my mom cannot take such responsibility as she is physically-challenged herself. So I gladly took the cudgels and have diligently done so. Yet as circumstance would have it, a fire broke out near the home where we live.

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The police forced us to evacuate. This caused a lot of stress to my ailing Nana that I have to exercise greater responsibility in looking after her. I had to spend more time for her. And to compound the matter, all these happened in the middle of the semester whereon the bulk of my studies depend. Sir/Madam, I could learn to live this life but this is too much too soon.

I am having a hard time adjusting but I assure you that by the next semester I will already be able to cope with what has been burdened on me by the powers that be. I know I can for that has always been the story of my life—coping up with the infirmities that plague our bloodlines.I am not of the strongest sort of people in the world sir/madam. I am enrolled in the student disability department and am under medication for a certain illness. Taking care of myself already is a daunting task, let alone taking care of a seriously-ill 80-year old Nana.

This great responsibility, noble as it is, has drained a lot of my strength that my studies have been so seriously affected beyond all I can handle. Do not discredit me for not trying because I have. But as we all know, human strength has its limits. And my frail body has already reached its own limits. It all seems too much to bear for now. Any further stretching and I will break.

Please be so kind so as to give me time to adjust.I am really hoping for your kind consideration on this matter. Whatever your decision is, I know I can rest assured that it will be favorable both to the eyes of man and of heaven. Sincerely yours,