Nowadays people tend to choose food in fast food restaurant rather than to cook a meal themselves. Despite the fact that fast food such as hamburger, fried chicken…contains high amount of fats and salt which are not good for our health, people still go to fast food restaurant frequently and the fast food industry is still getting more and more powerful.

There are several explanations for this situation.In today’s fast paced life, 10 minutes is an ideal amount of time to get a ready meal. How can you do that when you cook yourself, which means you need to not only cook but also repair ingredients, clean up everything after having meal? However, fast food restaurant can sever you a meal within 10 minutes and after finishing your meal, you do not waste your time in doing the clean up. Saving your time is an evident advantage of fast food, in other word, is the first reason for the popularity of fast food restaurant.Another advantage that can be seen easily is that fast food restaurants provide comfort with an acceptable price.

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When buying a meal at fast food restaurants, you always get a hot and good taste one. Furthermore, these restaurants usually offer you new dishes that can satisfy people’s various taste. The need of having healthy food has been fulfilled by offering salad, juices, low-fat milk and bread product from wheat bread…That more and more fast food restaurants are opened all over the world is the fact that no body can deny. Quickness, affordability, convenience, and good taste are main reasons that attribute the popularity of fast food restaurants.