All existential philosophers are concerned with ontology.

the survey of being. The point of going is human consciousness and mental procedures. In contrast to most old philosophical systems. which maintain that an a priori kernel precedes or transcends the single being of people of objects. the existential philosophers ( which is what Sartre is ) precedes kernel. The significance of this for human existences is that the construct that a adult male has an indispensable ego is shown to be an semblance. A man’s ego is nil except what he has become ; at any given minute. it is the amount of the life he has shaped until so.

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The “nothing” he begins with is therefore the beginning of man’s freedom. for at each minute it is man’s will that can take how to move or non to move. However.

such a determination affects the hereafter doubly… a adult male is or should be responsible for the effects of his actions… and each actions needfully excludes the other possible actions for the minute. and their effects and therefore at least partly limit the potencies for future actions. By what criterions so shud adult male do his decsions? Man’s head can non spot any significance for this being in the existence.When he abandons his semblances he finds himself horrified by the absurdness of the human status. The inquiry of the being of God for some cosmic intent is irrelevant. accroding to Sarte and the unbelieving existentialists… because even if He does exists ( which they ususally deny ) . He does non uncover to work forces the significance of their lives. Thus adult male must make a human morality in the absence of any know absolute values.

Honesty with oneself is possibly. possibly the major value common to existentialist thought ( my sentiment ) . Sartre’s writngs describe the emotional torment of seeking to accomplish it.Sartre calls the “man of good faith” one who understands the human status described above and to the full accepts the duty of the freedom it entails.

The “man of bad faith” accepts illusion… is intentionally hypocritical. or attempts to utilize the alibi of good purposes to get away the duty of his actions. the branchings of which evidently involve other people. The adult male of good religion Judgess a possible action by gauging the consequence if everyone.

. non merely himself… were to execute it… . yet despite the trouble of pick. he doesn’t withdraw from life. but is engaged in the concern of life with himself and other work forces.Camus’s philosophical thought started from similar premises. but he was non existentialist ( to stray here a spot ) … and disagreed publically with Sartre on a figure of issues ( they were friends ) peculiarly that of terminals and agencies.

Sartre had this troubled understanding with Communism on the evidences that one must be ‘engage’ . back uping the least unwanted of the inevitably flawed modern-day motions. After the Soviet invasion in Hungary in 1956. nevertheless. Sartre publically announced his concluding disenchantment with Soviet communism.