Thesetting for our story is Los Angeles, and the year is 1937. At present, it isthe Golden Age of Radio; however, a majority of Hollywood studios are currentlyhaving a substantive problem shaking out the challenges of the so called Great Depression, a term coined and mostfrequently attributed to British economist Lionel Robbins. RTO(the Rensselaer Theatrical Orpheum) Studios is the largest and most successfulmovie studio in Hollywood; and it has recently embarked on a couple of projectsthat will hopefully keep it out of a looming bankruptcy. First of all, thestudio is doing a high budget, horror movie project titled, “The NightmareCastle of Horror.

” This is an epic work based a great deal on the life of thecontroversial magician and studio consultant, Horace D. Bildeburg. In fact, itappears that the studio is quite intent on exploiting Dr. Bildeburg’s enigmaticreputation in several productions that are underway at the studio, and is eveninvestigating retail products for which they could attach his name. Alsoentering the literary stage is a young boy of 14 (Norman Yakovich Felskin), whohas recently been chosen to be one of the leads in the radio show, “The ValleySleuths.” Norman, along with his female lead (Betsy Poldosky), are now engagedin making their radio show pilots; and the interest has in the show hasimmediately skyrocketed.

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Incredible offers are coming in from all over to thetwo young stars, and to the studio as well. Indeed,all is going well until Norman meets a mysterious boy at the studio cafeteriaby the name of Julio Velasquez. Julio informs Norman that his uncle has beenmissing for a few weeks, and he is very concerned about his welfare. Julioconvinces Norman (and eventually Betsy) to go out to the Old European Backlotto look for clues to the uncle’s whereabouts. He also wants to investigate asto why there are so many unexplained incidents going on near the horror setthat is presently under construction in this part of the studio complex. Whenthe boys go out to the backlot, Norman and Julio stumble across a grave bit ofinformation, and are now confused over what they should do next.

In fact, itappears that a mysterious organization has some kind of surreptitious interestin the forested area near the studio and even down in the LaBraea Caverns.There is also a mystifying reference to something called, the Moradhaku. Theboys theorize that all of this; in fact, may possibly be contributing to thestrange events going on here at RTO (but they really aren’t sure of anything). Thestory is an intellective, gripping, and fast paced narrative; written in theclassic suspense style of Hitchcock and Hollywood’s Golden Age. If you arelooking for something exciting and different… this is for you.