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The Andromedia Strain Essay, Research Paper

The Andromeda Strain is a fresh written by Michael Crichton. It was subsequently turned into a film in 1971. The Andromeda Strain is an astonishing narrative of a eldritch disease that came down from infinite. The disease was named & # 8220 ; The Andromeda Strain & # 8221 ; .Sometime during the twelvemonth 1971 a orbiter, codenamed & # 8220 ; Scoop & # 8221 ; , clang landed in a small town in the southwesterly United Sates known as Piedmont, Arizona. When the United States Army went to pick up Scoop, about the whole town was dead, it looked like the whole town had been frozen in topographic point, except on old adult male and a babe who had died about immediately from an unknown cause. The Army realized that an deceases were likely the consequence of the crashed orbiter, so the Army sent work forces, clothed in the latest technological bio-hazard suits, to recover Scoop. The Army retrieved the lone two lasting worlds and the remains of the crashed investigation and brought them back to the secret lab known as & # 8220 ; Wildfire. & # 8221 ;

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The scientists at Wildfire were amazed by what they saw. After passing countless hours analyzing the orbiter with an negatron microscope, they discovered minute atoms of what looked similar pigment. Since this was the lone unusual thing on the orbiter, the scientists assumed that it was the unusual bearer of the disease. The scientists cut away a individual molecule of this unusual substance and saw that it was a pure crystal life signifier, the perfect signifier to populate in infinite. The crystal used everything, wasted nil, and grew in every substance known to adult male. To do affairs worse, it grew and multiplied at an unbelievable rate. The scientists recognized the potency of this deadly crystal to envelope the Earth if non contained.

Now that the scientists at Wildfire knew what caused the Piedmont deceases, all that remained was to calculate out how to command it. They ran the crystal through several different trials, but it grew and flourished on every known substance, including penicillin. Since no new deceases related to this crystal signifier were reported near Piedmont or any of the adjacent towns, the scientists assumed the strain was dead. This crystal was dubbed & # 8220 ; Andromeda, & # 8221 ; that being the U.S. authorities & # 8217 ; s codename for the undertaking.

The research squad at Wildfire continued proving and looking for

hints to incorporate the biological menace. Then they heard the bizarre, yet true narrative of a combatant pilot’s mask and equipment fade outing into this air. Natural, the people at Wildfire assumed that, because this was go oning straight above the Andromeda Strain’s former place in Piedmont, Arizona, the crystal was still at big and doing no more problem than earlier. Now they knew it was still out at that place and distributing.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States had been briefed on the Andromeda Strain and its deduction for the United States and for the remainder of the universe. In the hopes of extinguishing this menace, the President and his staff considered and eventually agreed to drop a atomic bomb in the Piedmont country.

While this was go oning, the squad at Wildfire had come upon a major find. The Andromeda Strain thrived on high energy beginnings such as Pu and radiation. They tried to calculate out how to utilize this information, and so realized that the President was be aftering on atomizing the Piedmont country, which would ensue in a immense spread of this disease. Their lone hope was that the Andromeda Strain would either mutate into some non-fatal signifier, or that their continued experiments would bring out a remedy or a manner to do the crystal harmless.

Fortunately for the universe, the President reluctantly agreed to take back his old order to drop the bomb, and thereby avoid the rapid spread of Andromeda that a atomic bomb would bring forth. During this argument the old adult male and the babe did non decease. Andromeda could merely last in a really narrow scope of blood pH. If anyone & # 8217 ; s blood was excessively acerb ( the old adult male had two shed blooding tummy ulcers ) or excessively alkalic ( the babe had been shouting for hours doing the alkalinity in his blood to increase ) , so the Andromeda Strain could non last in that individual & # 8217 ; s organic structure.

Unfortunately, there was still no manner to incorporate the Andromeda, and so the crystal ( which has someway mutated to a non-lethal signifier ) spread throughout the whole southwesterly U.S. Meanwhile, the people at Wildfire did all they could make to forestall Andromeda from mutating once more. They seeded the clouds where Andromeda was ( over the Pacific Ocean ) and hoped that the rain would coerce the crystal into the ocean where the H2O would be excessively acidic for it to last.